Excite Point: The Platform for Earning Free Pulsa and Rewards
Excite Point: The Platform for Earning Free Pulsa and Rewards

Excite Point: The Platform for Earning Free Pulsa and Rewards

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Excite Point: The Platform for Earning Free Pulsa and Rewards

For those who frequently use Facebook, you may have seen other users offering ways to earn free pulsa by simply registering on a site called Excite Point. This program offers a point system where users can redeem rewards from various sponsors. Excite Point is an online service provided by a Japanese company called Excite that has expanded its reach to countries such as Indonesia, Taiwan, the Philippines, and China.

If you are interested in joining the Excite Point program, signing up is free and easy. Here are the steps:

1. Go to Excite Point’s official site and click the Register button.
2. Fill in your desired Customer ID, password, and active phone number for verification and point redemption.
3. You will receive an SMS containing your verification code. Input the code and click OK.
4. Congratulations! You will receive 3000 points to start with. Complete your profile to start redeeming or accumulating points.


Note that each user can only register once with one customer ID and one phone number. You can only register again with a different user ID and phone number. You can also register more than one user ID on the same computer, but make sure to log out before registering a new one.

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There are several ways to earn points on Excite Point. Click, Register, Shopping, and Download are the four main options currently available. Each option has different conditions and point values, which are explained on the website. Make sure to read carefully and fulfill all requirements to receive your points.

Excite Point not only offers free pulsa redemptions but also vouchers for fast food restaurants and cinema tickets. The platform has partnered with several big sponsors to provide compelling rewards. The program’s success in getting significant sponsorships shows its potential as a reputable rewards program.

In conclusion, Excite Point’s point system is an excellent opportunity for people who want to earn free pulsa and various rewards. Be sure to register and follow the rules and guidelines to have a pleasurable experience.

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