Enma, Zoro's Powerful Sword in One Piece
Enma, Zoro's Powerful Sword in One Piece

Enma, Zoro’s Powerful Sword in One Piece

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Zoro’s swordsmanship skills have evolved with every arc of One Piece, making him one of the most popular characters in the anime/manga. One of his most captivating abilities is the use of the Enma technique, which has only been displayed twice in the entire series until chapter 1081. He defeated two of One Piece’s most powerful characters, former CP9 member Kaku, and one of the Yonko’s commanders, King of the Lunarian race, using the Enma technique.


It is probable that Eiichiro Oda will soon showcase the pinnacle of Zoro’s Enma technique. It will reveal the full extent of the swordsman’s powers. Enma’s strength is derived from Zoro’s Haoshoku Haki, which represents his abilities as a sword user. While in Enma mode, Zoro appears to have six arms and three heads, but it is merely an illusion created by his Haki abilities.

Enma’s origin from Zoro’s Haki was established during his intense fight with Kaido, the former Yonko, who realized that Zoro’s swordsmanship, including Enma, was derived from his Haoshoku Haki. Enma’s ultimate power is entirely dependent on the advance level of Zoro’s Haoshoku Haki. Thus, if he masters this power, Enma will become his primary weapon in battles.

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Zoro’s Haki powers don’t just affect Enma’s strength, but they also influence the swords he wields. If Zoro flows his Haki through his sword, it will change to black and become more robust, as shown by Dracule Mihawk, the strongest swordsman in One Piece. This connection between a sword’s power and its wielder is why Zoro practices so relentlessly to increase his skills.

Zoro’s goal of becoming the strongest swordsman will only be achieved if he defeats Mihawk. Although the chances of him succeeding are slim, some One Piece theorists believe that in the end, the eagle-eyed swordsman will concede and bestow the title of strongest swordsman to Zoro.

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