The Secret Behind Charlotte Pudding's Kidnapping in One Piece Revealed
The Secret Behind Charlotte Pudding's Kidnapping in One Piece Revealed

The Secret Behind Charlotte Pudding’s Kidnapping in One Piece Revealed

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In chapter 1063 of the popular manga series One Piece by Eiichiro Oda, we see that Charlotte Cracker is frozen and Charlotte Brulee is crying, indicating that Pudding has been kidnapped. With the whole town frozen and the sight of Cracker, we know that the culprit behind this is none other than Aokiji, the former Admiral who is now a member of Kurohige’s Pirates. In chapter 1064, we see that Aokiji and Van Augur are the ones who kidnapped Charlotte Pudding.

However, this raises the question of why Kurohige’s Pirates would go through all the trouble of kidnapping Charlotte Pudding, even to the extent of freezing the entire town with Aokiji’s power. Is it just a simple act of taking her hostage, or is there a deeper motive behind the kidnapping? Many speculate that Kurohige planned this kidnapping to harness the hidden power of Charlotte Pudding.

This power is related to Charlotte Pudding’s unique ability: the Eye Eye Fruit, which allows her to utilize the power of the third eye on her forehead. This power has a direct connection to the Ras Mata 3, which was mentioned by Big Mom in chapters 853 and 999. According to Big Mom, the power of Ras Mata 3 allows its user to read the ancient text inscribed on the Poneglyph, which holds vital information regarding the history and the true nature of the One Piece.

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To date, Nico Robin is the only person who can read the Poneglyph. But if Kurohige can successfully awaken the hidden power of Charlotte Pudding’s Ras Mata 3, he will have someone to help him translate the Poneglyph as well. This would explain why Kurohige is currently fighting Trafalgar Law and intends to take the Poneglyph in Law’s possession.

It is still unknown whether Charlotte Pudding has already awakened her Ras Mata 3, but the kidnapping allows Kurohige to have a person ready to aid him in the translation of the Poneglyph later on. Perhaps this is the true motive behind Kurohige’s Pirates kidnapping Charlotte Pudding.

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