Embracing a New Chapter: Keisuke Yashimaru's Journey as a Scriptwriter
Embracing a New Chapter: Keisuke Yashimaru's Journey as a Scriptwriter

Embracing a New Chapter: Keisuke Yashimaru’s Journey as a Scriptwriter

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Keisuke Yashimaru, a former scriptwriter turned househusband, is given the chance to reignite his passion for writing in the movie ‘Can’t Write!? A Life Without Scenario.’ This heartwarming story follows Keisuke as he navigates the challenges of returning to the industry and finding balance in his personal and professional life.

In the film, Keisuke, portrayed by the talented actor Ikuta Toma, is a househusband who used to be a scriptwriter. Despite his successful background, he took a break from his career and shifted gears to work in the real estate industry. However, his love for writing never truly faded away.

One day, Keisuke receives an unexpected offer from Tozai TV. They want him to write a script for a prime-time show. A flood of emotions overwhelms Keisuke as he contemplates whether he can reignite his passion and pursue his dreams once again.

Adding to the complexity of the situation is Keisuke’s wife, a renowned novelist played by Michiko Kichise. She became the sole breadwinner after purchasing their spacious house with the proceeds from her successful book sales. Keisuke’s desire to write a serial script poses a potential challenge for their household dynamics, as it would require his wife to take on more household responsibilities. This thought weighs heavily on Keisuke’s mind and influences his decision-making process.


Despite having been a backup scriptwriter for only two TV drama episodes in the past five years, Keisuke’s talent catches the attention of Tozai TV. They offer him a remarkable opportunity to be the main scriptwriter for a serial show after their initial choice got injured. However, this sudden offer leaves Keisuke uncertain about his abilities and whether he can handle the pressure of tight deadlines.

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Thankfully, Keisuke’s decision is eased by the unwavering support of his wife. Recognizing his passion and talent, she urges him to take on the project and focus solely on his work. With her encouragement, Keisuke embarks on a journey to reclaim his role as a scriptwriter and to face the challenges head-on.

‘Can’t Write!? A Life Without Scenario’ beautifully blends comedy and drama genres, providing a relatable and entertaining experience for the audience. The film, directed by Keisuke Toyoshima and Yuki Saito, captures the essence of perseverance and embracing one’s true calling.

As we eagerly await the release of this remarkable film in 2021, let us appreciate the incredible performances of Ikuta Toma and Michiko Kichise, who bring Keisuke Yashimaru and his wife to life with compelling portrayals.

‘Can’t Write!? A Life Without Scenario’ has garnered a rating of 3.5/5, indicating its success in captivating audiences and delivering a heartfelt story.

In conclusion, ‘Can’t Write!? A Life Without Scenario’ showcases Keisuke Yashimaru’s journey as he embraces his role as a scriptwriter once again. This film provides a relatable narrative, blending comedy and drama to depict the challenges and triumphs in pursuing one’s passion. With the support of his wife and his determination, Keisuke navigates the unfamiliar territory of the industry, all while discovering the true meaning of chasing dreams and finding fulfillment in his art.

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