Dragon's Plan to Destroy Mariejoa: Chaos, Battles, and Power Revealed
Dragon's Plan to Destroy Mariejoa: Chaos, Battles, and Power Revealed

Dragon’s Plan to Destroy Mariejoa: Chaos, Battles, and Power Revealed

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When it comes to the world of One Piece, there are always epic battles, hidden powers, and a struggle for power. And in the latest storyline, all of these elements come together as Dragon, the leader of the Revolutionary Army, plans to destroy Mariejoa, the seat of power for the Tenryuubito.

The reason behind Dragon’s plan is simple – the presence of the Holy Knight led by Figarland Garling. These Holy Knights are responsible for transporting food for the Tenryuubito, the rulers of the seas. Dragon aims to disrupt this logistics system, crippling the Tenryuubito’s grip on power.

But Dragon’s plan is about more than just logistics. It’s a show of force from the Revolutionary Army, a signal that they will not stand idly by while the Holy Knights enforce the oppressive rule of the Tenryuubito. The clash between Dragon and Garling is sure to be one for the ages, revealing their true powers and showcasing the extent of their abilities.

Dragon is no ordinary fighter – he possesses god-like powers thanks to his Devil Fruit abilities. On the other hand, Garling is a member of the Holy Knights and a Tenryuubito, with all the privileges and strength that come with that title. The battle between these two powerhouses will undoubtedly cause chaos in Mariejoa, as their clash shakes the very foundations of the world.


But Dragon’s ultimate goal is not just to defeat Garling or the Holy Knights. His sights are set much higher – he aims to overthrow the World Government itself. The Gorosei and their leader, Im Sama, are the true targets of Dragon’s revolution. He seeks to prevent the Tenryuubito, including the Figarland Garling family, from maintaining their stranglehold on power and ruling over the seas.

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The battle between Dragon and Garling is just the beginning. Mariejoa, once a symbol of power and luxury, will become a battlefield, suffering potential damage from the Revolutionary Army’s actions. But Dragon’s fight may not stop there – he could potentially confront the Gorosei or even Im Sama themselves, taking on the entire ruling power structure.

In this manga article, the key points revolve around Dragon’s plan to destroy Mariejoa and the ensuing conflict with the Holy Knight. The article highlights Dragon’s powers and the true strength of Garling as a Tenryuubito, showcasing their abilities in their epic battle. The Revolutionary Army’s actions will undoubtedly result in chaos and potential destruction in Mariejoa, leading to a shift in the power dynamics of the world.

So what does all of this mean for the storyline of One Piece? Well, it’s clear that the outcome of the battle between Dragon and Garling will have significant implications. The fate of Mariejoa and the World Government hang in the balance, and the ripple effects of this clash will reverberate throughout the rest of the series.

In conclusion, Dragon’s plan to destroy Mariejoa and the subsequent clash with the Holy Knight will lead to chaos, reveal hidden powers, and potentially impact the ruling power structure in One Piece. Fans of the series are eagerly awaiting the outcome of this monumental battle, as it sets the stage for what’s to come in the world of One Piece.

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