Synopsis of Shin Ultraman, a Sci-Fi Action Movie
Synopsis of Shin Ultraman, a Sci-Fi Action Movie

Synopsis of Shin Ultraman, a Sci-Fi Action Movie

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Shin Ultraman is a science fiction action movie produced by Toho Studios and Cine Bazar. Shinji Higuchi directs the movie, which is a remake of the Ultraman franchise’s 37th installment. The Japanese government creates a team known as SSSP in response to the appearance of cruel giant monsters referred to as Class S Species. The SSSP is tasked with studying these creatures and finding ways to defeat them. As they research the monster’s attacks, they are surprised by the arrival of a new giant being whom they name Ultraman. However, they don’t know why Ultraman is helping humanity, and his goal is not clear. What’s stranger is the relationship between Ultraman and the veteran SSSP member Shinji Kaminaga? To unravel this mystery, let’s delve into the movie’s synopsis.

The SSSP Team

The SSSP team is led by Tamura Kimio, and it consists of Kaminaga Shinji, an expert strategist, Asami Hiroko, an analyst who works with Kaminaga, Taki Akihisa, a physics expert, and Funaberi Yumi, a biologist. Their goal is to study the monsters and find ways to defeat them. They are faced with a new monster called Neronga, and the team moves as fast as possible to evacuate the citizens near it. While the SSSP team is struggling to deal with the monster’s threat, a new giant creature suddenly appears and helps the humans to defeat the monster. The giant creature is believed to be an alien and is named Ultraman.

Ultraman’s Arrival

During his first appearance, Ultraman unintentionally kills Shinji Kaminaga, a veteran member of the SSSP. Ultraman takes over Kaminaga’s body and becomes ‘Shinji,’ who is colder than usual. A few days later, a new monster named Gabora appears, and Ultraman emerges to defeat it. It is then revealed that Ultraman is an alien capable of communicating with humans, and he is trying to protect the earth from other aliens who want to take over the planet.

The Arrival of Zarab

Zarab is an alien who came to earth claiming to be a friend of humans. He tells the government that he wants to sign a cooperation contract with them to protect the earth. However, it is later revealed that Zarab is only trying to conquer the earth. Zarab kidnaps Shinji and impersonates Ultraman to damage his reputation among the public. This event is spread online, and the true identity of Shinji is exposed. Asami helps Shinji to transform into Ultraman, and they defeat Zarab using the Ultra Slash technique.

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The Threat of Mefilas

Asami is later kidnapped and turned into a giant by an alien named Mefilas who wants to affiliate with humanity. Mefilas offers the Japanese government a capsule that can turn human DNA into monsters, with the goal of taking control over the planet. Ultraman and SSSP devise a plan to defeat Mefilas and reclaim the capsule. Ultraman fights Mefilas in his original form, but Mefilas manages to escape Earth with Zoffy’s arrival. In the film’s climax, Zoffy punishes Ultraman for breaking the rules and activates Zetton, a mass destruction weapon, to destroy humans. Ultraman must confront Zetton to save humanity, and the SSSP team assists him in defeating the weapon and protecting the earth.


Shin Ultraman is an evergreen action movie filled with suspense, action, and drama. It is a reboot of the original Ultraman series and offers a fresh take on the conflict between humans and giant monsters. The movie’s plot is well written, and the cinematography is remarkable, making it a must-watch for fans of science-fiction movies. Shin Ultraman follows the adventures of Ultraman, the giant alien who comes to the rescue of the SSSP team to battle fearsome monsters and foils the plans of treacherous aliens. It is a celebration of Japanese pop culture and a unique blend of science fiction and action genres.

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