Cross Guild Pirates' Bounties Revealed - Mihawk Has The Most Fantastic Bounty
Cross Guild Pirates' Bounties Revealed - Mihawk Has The Most Fantastic Bounty

Cross Guild Pirates’ Bounties Revealed – Mihawk Has The Most Fantastic Bounty

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Are you curious about the bounties of the notorious Cross Guild Pirates in One Piece? With former Shichibukai members like Mihawk, Crocodile, and Buggy under their banner, they pose a serious threat to the Marines. In this article, we unveil the bounties of the Cross Guild members and reveal who has the most impressive bounty.

Created by Crocodile, the Cross Guild appeared in chapter 1056, which was published in a Morgan newspaper. Luffy and Kidd learn about the organization and its mission to create chaos in the world and give bounties to the Marines. They fund these activities through illegal business dealings.

Despite Buggy’s leadership, Mihawk has the most impressive bounty among the Cross Guild members. The Marines have put a breathtaking sum on his head, reflecting the swordsmanship skills of the “World’s Greatest Swordsman.” However, Buggy’s bounty is still impressive in its right and lower than Mihawk’s.

Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, gave bounties to Marines like Koby and T-Bone. He also showcased the movements of the Cross Guild Pirates in his manga and anime. Since the Cross Guild consists of powerful and menacing individuals, the Marines released high bounties for the trio.

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The Cross Guild is a rival organization whose mission is to fight and disrupt the Marines led by Yonko Buggy. Mr. Crocodile initiated this organization and invited Mihawk to collaborate in their fight against the Marines. However, their twisted plans may eventually lead to their downfall.

In conclusion, the Cross Guild Pirates’ bounties are remarkable and awe-inspiring. With Mihawk leading the charge, their reputation for mayhem and destruction can reach new heights. The Marines will have to work extra hard to take them down and bring them to justice.

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