Crash Course in Romance (2023): A Gripping Drama Synopsis
Crash Course in Romance (2023): A Gripping Drama Synopsis

Crash Course in Romance (2023): A Gripping Drama Synopsis

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Crash Course in Romance (2023) is an upcoming South Korean drama series that tells the story of Nam Haeng Seon, a former national athlete who now runs a food business selling Korean side dishes or banchan. Haeng Seon lives with her autistic brother, Jae Woo, and her niece, Nam Hae-e, whom she considers as her own daughter. Hae-e is the only student in her school who did not sign up for the Math academy or tutoring, resulting in her grades declining compared to her friend Bang Su-a, who excels because she attends the famous Math academy, taught by a renowned teacher, Choi Chi Yeol, also known as the Star Tutor.

In the first two episodes of the drama, the audience discovers that Haeng Seon’s delicious food has a secret ingredient that has managed to make Chi Yeol, a superstar tutor who suffers from an eating disorder and throws up every time he eats, enjoy food and feel comfortable. Chi Yeol’s success story was overshadowed by a tragic event that resulted in one of his students’ deaths. Thus, he struggles with a severe eating disorder and has trouble keeping down any food at all. The situation worsens when one of his pupils stalks him, leading to rumors and subsequent stress.

Haeng Seon’s daughter, Hae-e, aspired to attend Choi Chi Yeol’s academy, and Haeng Seon, after hearing about her daughter’s wishes, makes an effort to get her into the academy amid intense competition. Meanwhile, Jae Woo, during a hospital visit, took a picture of Chi Yeol without his consent, leading to Chi Yeol chasing him to get his phone back. Eventually, Haeng Seon and Chi Yeol meet due to their mutual connection and start an unlikely friendship.

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The show is set to release in 2023 and promises a lighthearted plot, combining comedy and romance genres. The series enlists the talents of Jeon Do Yeon, one of the most decorated actresses in South Korea, and Jung Kyung Ho, known for his acting skills and for starring in several popular dramas. The director of Crash Course in Romance is Yoo Je Won, known for his work on “Oh My Ghost” and “Tomorrow, With You.”

In conclusion, fans of romantic K-dramas will undoubtedly find “Crash Course in Romance” entertaining. With its relatable themes, engaging plot, and talented actors, the show is bound to captivate audiences and leave them eagerly awaiting the next episode.

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