Countering Martis: Best Heroes and Strategies in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Countering Martis: Best Heroes and Strategies in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Countering Martis: Best Heroes and Strategies in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed and published by Moonton. In the game, players control heroes with unique abilities and strategies to defeat the enemy team and destroy their base.

One of the heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is Martis. Martis is a Fighter hero with high mobility, making him suitable for the Jungle or Roamer role. His skills provide periodic movement speed boosts, and his Ultimate ability increases his speed by 100% for 5 seconds. Martis is considered a strong hero, but like any other hero, he has his weaknesses.

To effectively counter Martis, it is important to understand his weaknesses and use heroes with specific attributes or skills that can exploit those weaknesses. Here are a few heroes that can potentially counter Martis in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang:

1. Argus: Argus is a hero with high burst damage and a mobility skill. His Ultimate ability allows him to quickly close the distance to Martis and deal devastating damage. By timing his Ultimate correctly, Argus can easily take down Martis.

2. Benedetta: Benedetta is another hero that can be a challenging counter for Martis. Her true damage and deadly counter-attacks can quickly drain Martis’ health. With her agility and quick movements, Benedetta can dodge Martis’ skills and deliver powerful blows.

3. Diggie: Diggie is a support hero with an Ultimate ability that provides immunity to Crowd Control effects and a shield for his team. This makes Diggie a potential counter for Martis, as Martis heavily relies on his skills to deal damage and control the battlefield. Diggie’s Ultimate can nullify Martis’ abilities and protect his team.

4. Gloo: Gloo is a tank hero with slows and immobilizes in his skillset. These slows and immobilizes can weaken Martis, limiting his mobility and making him vulnerable to attacks. Additionally, Gloo’s Ultimate ability can disrupt Martis’ movements and make it difficult for him to engage or disengage from fights.

5. Kaja: Kaja is a support hero with a powerful crowd control ability called Divine Judgement. Divine Judgement can bind and pull enemies, rendering them immobile. This makes Kaja a dangerous counter for Martis, as he can catch Martis off-guard and leave him vulnerable to attacks from his team.

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6. Minsitthar: Minsitthar is a Fighter hero with an Ultimate ability called King’s Calling. King’s Calling summons Royal Guards that deal damage and slow enemies. This ability can be effective against Martis, as the summoned Royal Guards can limit Martis’ movements and make it easier to focus him down.

7. Paquito: Paquito is another strong Fighter hero that can give Martis a tough time. Paquito has high damage output and the ability to reset his skills, allowing him to continuously engage and pressure Martis. His relentless attacks can quickly drain Martis’ health and force him into unfavorable situations.

8. Wanwan: Wanwan is a Marksman hero with great evasive skills and immunity to basic attacks. This makes her a difficult target for Martis, as he heavily relies on his basic attacks and skill combos to deal damage. Wanwan’s evasive skills allow her to avoid Martis’ attacks and quickly turn the tables on him.

These are just a few examples of heroes that can counter Martis in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It’s important to note that countering Martis requires not only the right hero pick but also strategic positioning, timing, and teamwork. It’s crucial to communicate and coordinate with your team to effectively take down Martis.

In conclusion, Martis, the Fighter hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, can be countered by heroes with burst damage, crowd control, or immunity skills. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different heroes is crucial for successfully countering Martis. By utilizing the right heroes and employing effective strategies, players can gain an advantage over Martis and lead their team to victory in the game.

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