Captain Tsubasa: Ace Official Global Release by DeNA - Fast-Paced 5v5 Real-Time Gameplay
Captain Tsubasa: Ace Official Global Release by DeNA - Fast-Paced 5v5 Real-Time Gameplay

Captain Tsubasa: Ace Official Global Release by DeNA – Fast-Paced 5v5 Real-Time Gameplay

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Captain Tsubasa: Ace, developed by DeNA, has officially been released globally. The highly anticipated promotional video showcases the beloved characters from the Captain Tsubasa series and highlights the fast-paced 5v5 real-time gameplay that players can enjoy.

During the pre-registration period, Captain Tsubasa: Ace garnered an impressive 3 million registrations, a testament to the excitement surrounding this game. Players who participated in the event will be rewarded with valuable in-game items including Dream Rally Vouchers, Gold Balls, and the exclusive Tsubasa Ozora Avatar.

To celebrate the global release, DeNA has planned various exciting release events. One of the highlights is the 7-day check-in event, where players can log in daily to receive exclusive rewards and bonuses. Additionally, the Rising Star Card Pool has been introduced, guaranteeing players an opportunity to obtain powerful SSR players for their team.

To help players build their dream team, an engaging pre-season training event has been organized. By completing various challenges and tasks, players can earn valuable resources that will enhance their team’s overall strength and performance.

To further engage with the Captain Tsubasa: Ace community, players are encouraged to join the official Facebook and Discord communities. These platforms provide opportunities to participate in exciting events and competitions and to win exclusive prizes.

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One of the notable features of Captain Tsubasa: Ace is the high-quality Japanese voice actors accompanying the iconic characters. This enhances the immersive experience and brings the beloved characters to life.

As the game is now available for global release, players are encouraged to share their opinions and experiences in the comments section. DeNA values the feedback of their players and strives to continuously improve and enhance the gameplay experience.

In conclusion, Captain Tsubasa: Ace, developed by DeNA, offers players a thrilling and fast-paced 5v5 real-time gameplay experience. With its iconic characters, valuable in-game rewards, and engaging events, players can immerse themselves in the world of Captain Tsubasa. Join the global release now and embark on an exciting soccer adventure!

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