Capcom's Exciting Lineup at gamescom asia 2023: Dragon's Dogma 2, Apollo Justice, Resident Evil Village, and More
Capcom's Exciting Lineup at gamescom asia 2023: Dragon's Dogma 2, Apollo Justice, Resident Evil Village, and More

Capcom’s Exciting Lineup at gamescom asia 2023: Dragon’s Dogma 2, Apollo Justice, Resident Evil Village, and More

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Capcom, one of the leading video game companies, is set to make its debut at the game show event in Southeast Asia. The company will be participating in gamescom asia 2023, which will be held from October 20 to 22 in Singapore. This exciting news has created a buzz among fans and gamers in the region.

Capcom is bringing a thrilling lineup of eight games to gamescom asia 2023. One of the highly anticipated titles is Dragon’s Dogma 2, an action RPG set in an immersive open-world. Players can choose to play as a Fighter, Archer, or Thief and explore a vast and detailed world. As a special treat for attendees, a demo of the game will be playable at Capcom’s booth, allowing them to experience the gameplay firsthand.

Another exciting game in Capcom’s lineup is Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy. This classic courtroom experience has been enhanced with HD resolution, smoother animations, and a 16:9 aspect ratio. Fans of the Ace Attorney series can look forward to playing the trilogy when it releases on January 25, 2024.

For fans of action-packed multiplayer games, Capcom has Exoprimal on offer. In this online team-based action game, players don advanced exosuits and battle against ferocious dinosaurs. Attendees will have the opportunity to try out a demo of the game and showcase their skills.

Resident Evil Village, one of Capcom’s most successful franchises, will also be featured at gamescom asia 2023. The game will be available on Apple iPad and iPhone devices starting from October 30, 2023. Fans can immerse themselves in the spooky and thrilling world of Resident Evil on their mobile devices.

Street Fighter 6, another legendary fighting game series, will make its appearance at gamescom asia 2023. Fans can expect new characters and exciting gameplay. In addition, Capcom will host the CAPCOM Pro Tour 2023 Offline Premier Singapore event, adding to the hype surrounding Street Fighter 6.

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Virtual reality enthusiasts will be delighted to know that Capcom is releasing Resident Evil 4 VR Mode as a free DLC for PlayStation VR2 in winter. This mode offers an immersive experience with realistic 3D audio and detailed 360-degree graphics.

Mobile gamers can also look forward to Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat. This game brings the demon-hunting action of Devil May Cry to mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy flexible combat and create beautiful combos.

Last but not least, Street Fighter: Duel brings the iconic Street Fighter franchise to mobile devices, offering real-time battles against players worldwide. This thrilling mobile game promises action-packed gameplay and hours of entertainment.

Capcom will showcase these eight exciting games at gamescom asia 2023. Visitors are encouraged to check out Capcom’s booth and experience the thrill of these games firsthand. The event will take place at the Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre in Singapore from October 20 to 22.

In conclusion, Capcom’s participation in gamescom asia 2023 is highly anticipated in Southeast Asia. Fans and gamers can look forward to exploring the immersive worlds of Dragon’s Dogma 2, Apollo Justice, Resident Evil Village, and other exciting titles. Mark your calendars and get ready for an unforgettable gaming experience!

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