Bungo Stray Dogs: A Twisted Tale of Mafia and Detectives
Bungo Stray Dogs: A Twisted Tale of Mafia and Detectives

Bungo Stray Dogs: A Twisted Tale of Mafia and Detectives

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Bungo Stray Dogs: A Twisted Tale of Mafia and Detectives

Bungo Stray Dogs is an anime series that tells the story of Atsushi, who joins the Armed Detective Agency. In the first season, consisting of 12 episodes, the powers of the members of the detective agency are showcased, including how they face their main enemy, the Port Mafia. The second season, consisting of 13 episodes, takes a flashback to Dazai’s past when he was still an executive member of the Port Mafia. In the second season, Dazai’s past is revealed, including his relationship with Sakunosuke Oda or Oda Saku.

Oda Saku used to be a fellow worker with the position of a basic member of the Port Mafia. But he became a writer and stopped being a killer. He took care of five orphaned children who were neglected. However, the head of the Port Mafia, Ogai Mori, leaked Oda Saku’s secret to the Mimic Organization. This organization comprises war heroes who were betrayed by their own country and therefore have no good name or home to return to.

One of the goals of the Mimic Organization is to die by their own terms, and one way is to die at the hands of Oda Saku. But Oda Saku refused to kill anyone for his personal aspirations as a writer. After learning about the information related to the children Oda Saku took care of, the Mimic Organization did not sit idly by. They killed all of Oda Saku’s foster children, which provoked his wrath.

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Enveloped in anger, Oda Saku decided to single-handedly attack the headquarters of the Mimic Organization. He killed all the members of the Mimic Organization blindly and fought one on one with the leader of Mimic. Since they were both strong, they eventually died as the Mimic Organization wished.

However, before Oda Saku died, Osamu Dazai came to save him, but it was too late. Oda Saku had no intention of being saved. His last message to Dazai, one of the people he considered a friend, was to choose to be good even if he had to keep killing to find meaning in life.

Dazai, who was always driven by the search for the meaning of life, ultimately chose to join the Armed Detective Agency and leave the Port Mafia. Although he couldn’t avoid killing, he could still choose to be good. Bungo Stray Dogs is a twisted tale that showcases how complicated and intertwined the worlds of the mafia and detectives can be.

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