Best Counter Heroes for Paquito in Mobile Legends 2023
Best Counter Heroes for Paquito in Mobile Legends 2023

Best Counter Heroes for Paquito in Mobile Legends 2023

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When it comes to the dangerous and agile fighters in the Land of Dawn, Paquito stands out as a formidable opponent in Mobile Legends 2023. With his deadly damage and swift movements, he is frequently relied upon by players who seek victory on the battlefield. However, fear not, as there are several hero counters that can effectively combat Paquito and turn the tide of battle in your favor.

One of the hero counters for Paquito is Akai, a tank hero blessed with highly effective crowd control skills. Akai’s abilities can effectively hinder Paquito’s movement, making it difficult for him to engage in combat successfully. With the right timing and coordination, Akai can bring Paquito down and minimize his impact on the game.

Another powerful counter to Paquito is Barats, a tank/fighter hero known for his high damage output and durability. Barats excels in team fights and can withstand Paquito’s attacks while dealing significant damage in return. With Barats by your side, you can confidently face Paquito head-on.

Chang’e, the mage hero with wide-ranged attacks, is another hero to consider when countering Paquito. Her painful damage can whittle down his health from a safe distance, making it challenging for Paquito to get close enough to unleash his devastating blows. With Chang’e’s abilities, you can keep Paquito at bay and minimize his impact on the game.

Chou, a dangerous fighter with crowd control skills, also poses a significant threat to Paquito. By using Chou’s abilities and the spell Flicker, you can further strengthen your chances against Paquito. Chou’s agility and CC skills can keep Paquito under control and turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Franco, the tank hero known for his hook ability, is another formidable counter to Paquito. By effectively using his hook, Franco can disrupt Paquito’s movements and prevent him from freely maneuvering around the battlefield. Franco’s strategic positioning and well-timed hooks can neutralize Paquito’s threats with ease.

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Harith, the mobile mage hero, is a perfect match for Paquito’s agility. Harith possesses the ability to match Paquito’s movements while taking advantage of his high damage and mobility. With Harith’s skills, you can outmaneuver Paquito and capitalize on his vulnerabilities.

Kaja, the support/fighter hero, is another hero that can effectively counter Paquito. Through his CC skills and combo potential, Kaja can quickly burst down Paquito and secure the kill. With proper coordination and timing, Kaja can turn the tables and make Paquito regret challenging him.

Finally, Khufra, the tank/support hero, is widely regarded as a counter for almost all heroes in Mobile Legends. With his strong defense and damage output, Khufra poses a significant threat to Paquito. Khufra’s abilities can disrupt Paquito’s movements and make it difficult for him to land his deadly blows.

These hero counters offer a range of options for players to effectively combat Paquito. By strategically utilizing their unique skills and abilities, you can overcome the challenges posed by Paquito and secure victory on the battlefield. It is important to note that using the appropriate spell and combo is crucial in countering Paquito effectively with these heroes.

In conclusion, although Paquito is a dangerous fighter and assassin in the Land of Dawn, players should not fear losing to him when these powerful hero counters are used strategically. With the right team composition and understanding of these heroes’ abilities, you can confidently face Paquito and emerge victorious. So assemble your team, coordinate your strategies, and show Paquito that he is not invincible in Mobile Legends 2023.

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