Amado's Immunity & Control: Exploring the Plot Points in Boruto Two Blue Vortex Manga
Amado's Immunity & Control: Exploring the Plot Points in Boruto Two Blue Vortex Manga

Amado’s Immunity & Control: Exploring the Plot Points in Boruto Two Blue Vortex Manga

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When it comes to the latest revelations in the Boruto Two Blue Vortex manga, one character who has been generating a lot of buzz is Amado. Speculation is rife about his potential immunity to Zenno, as well as his intriguing control over Code through his artificial eyes. In this article, we will delve into the key points and delve into this major plot twist.

Amado’s potential immunity to Zenno has been a topic of debate among manga enthusiasts. The theory suggests that Amado is not affected by Zenno, raising questions about the source of his immunity. One speculation is that Amado’s eyes are believed to be mixed with Shibai Otsutsuki DNA, which could explain his unique ability to resist Zenno’s influence.

In Chapter 59 of Boruto, another intriguing development takes place. Kawaki suddenly wakes up from a nightmare, hinting at a deeper connection between him and Amado. This connection becomes more apparent when Amado mentions the presence of Code and Kawaki’s involvement with it. It seems that Amado possesses knowledge about Kawaki’s plan to use Code as a vessel for Boruto, which raises even more questions about the extent of his understanding.

One of the most intriguing aspects related to Amado’s control over Code is his artificial eyes. The manga strongly implies that Amado’s artificial eyes have the ability to give Code commands, showcasing the extent of his control. This revelation opens up a whole new realm of possibilities and adds an element of mystery to Amado’s character.

Moreover, there is speculation that Amado can issue emergency codes to all his cyborgs, further solidifying his position as a master manipulator. The reason behind his decision not to use an emergency codeshot remains unknown, leaving readers curious about his motivations and potential strategies.

Interestingly, Kishimoto Sensei, the creator of Boruto, hints at the role of Amado’s artificial eyes in controlling not only the cyborgs but also Code. This connection adds depth to the character and showcases the intricacies of the manga’s storytelling.

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Kashinkoji, another important character in Boruto, shares his belief that Amado possesses the ability to issue emergency codeshots to himself and other cyborgs. This belief further builds the intrigue surrounding Amado’s powers and raises more questions about the extent of his control.

However, amidst all the theories and speculation, one question stands out: why didn’t Amado use an emergency codeshot to save himself? This unanswered question adds an element of suspense and leaves readers eagerly awaiting answers in future chapters.

It is important to note that the connection between Amado and Kawaki’s plan is explored in detail in the manga. The intricate web of relationships and hidden motives adds layers of complexity to the overall storyline, ensuring that readers are constantly engaged and intrigued.

It is worth mentioning that while the Boruto anime adaptation provides a unique perspective on the manga’s events, it does not reveal the same level of detail regarding Amado’s knowledge of Kawaki’s plan. This highlights the importance of reading the manga for a comprehensive understanding of the plot.

In conclusion, Amado’s potential immunity to Zenno and his control over Code through his artificial eyes are major plot points that have captivated Boruto readers. The mysteries surrounding his powers and motives continue to keep fans guessing, eagerly awaiting future chapters to unravel the secrets. As the Boruto Two Blue Vortex manga progresses, it is clear that Amado’s character will play a crucial role in shaping the fate of the storyline.

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