Alternatives for Ganool: Legal and Safe Movie Streaming Sites
Alternatives for Ganool: Legal and Safe Movie Streaming Sites

Alternatives for Ganool: Legal and Safe Movie Streaming Sites

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When it comes to watching movies online, Ganool used to be a popular go-to site. However, since the beginning of 2020, the Indonesian government has been cracking down on illegal movie streaming sites like Ganool. Despite the challenges, some providers have managed to keep their sites accessible by changing their addresses. If you’re having trouble finding Ganool or want to explore better options, here are some alternative movie streaming sites to try.

Ganool Movie

We’re not entirely sure if this site is the original Ganool, but it’s a viable alternative. While the original website is no longer accessible, the IP address remains. This site offers a wide range of categories, genres, and movies from various countries.

URL: http://951.216.163.177/ganool

Ganool IndoXXI

Ganool IndoXXI is another site that maintains its IP address since its previous URL is no longer accessible. This site offers Indonesian movies, including action, comedy, horror, romance, and more. It also has many international movies such as Korean dramas, Mandarin, Asian, and Western.


Other Alternative Sites

While Ganool presents two viable alternatives, several other sites offer a better and legal alternative. These movie streaming sites usually present both paid and free versions. With the free version, you can still watch a variety of movies. However, paid versions offer additional features such as the latest movies and a broader selection of genres. Prices vary, and some offer packages ranging from daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly subscriptions.
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Here are some of the best legal and safer alternatives you can try:

1. Netflix: Rp49,000 per month

2. HOOQ VIP: Rp69,000 per month

3. Iflix VIP: Rp1,900 per day, Rp9,900 per week, and Rp39,000 per month.

4. VIU Premium: Rp10,000 per week and Rp30,000 per month.

While you may be tempted with the likes of 123Movies247.Net, IndoXXI, Layar Kaca, and Bioskop Keren, it’s wiser to choose legal and safe options. Paid streaming sites offer better features and security with zero advertisement disruptions.

Final Thoughts

Missing Ganool and other illegal streaming sites may be disappointing, but you don’t have to settle with low-quality movies or deal with security issues. As an alternative, it would be best to choose safer and legal movie streaming sites. Paid subscriptions may appear costly, but the quality, security, and better experience make them worth every penny.

Overall, with these alternative sites, you can enjoy the latest movies conveniently while maintaining your safety and security online.

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