A Comprehensive Guide on How to Send a Package with JNE Express
A Comprehensive Guide on How to Send a Package with JNE Express

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Send a Package with JNE Express

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Are you new to sending packages with JNE Express? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! JNE is a popular courier service in Indonesia that delivers packages quickly and reliably. In this comprehensive guide, we will explain step-by-step how to send a package through JNE Express, from checking ongkos kirim to tracking your package with cek resi.

1. Check Ongkos Kirim JNE

Checking ongkos kirim is the first thing you need to do before sending a package through JNE. The cost of delivery depends on the distance between the sender and receiver’s city, the package’s weight and size, and the type of service used.

To check ongkos kirim for your package, visit JNE’s official website and click on the Tarif Kiriman section. Enter the sender’s city in the Origin section, the receiver’s city in the Destination section, and the package’s weight in the Weight section. Click the Check button to see a detailed table of ongkos kirim for each service type.

JNE provides three popular services to send a package – JNE OKE, JNE Reguler, and JNE YES. All three are reliable options, but you can choose based on your package’s urgency and budget.


2. Pack Your Package According to JNE’s Standards

It’s incredibly important to pack your package safely and securely to ensure that it reaches the receiver without any damage. Follow these packing tips to ensure your package’s safety:

– Cover the package in plastic and bubble wrap
– Place it in a cardboard box and seal it tight with tape
– Label the package with the sender and receiver’s address and contact information

3. Go to Your Nearest JNE Office

Once you’ve packed your package, take it to your nearest JNE office. JNE is available throughout Indonesia, and you can find the nearest location on Google Maps or JNE’s official website under the Network tab.

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At the JNE office, inform the staff you want to send a package and select the service type you want. They will provide you with all the necessary information and assist you in completing the delivery forms.

4. Select Your JNE Express Service

JNE offers different express services with a varying range of delivery times, cost, and guarantees. Here are the available options:

– JNE REG (Reguler): Suited for non-urgent delivery with an estimated delivery time of 1-7 working days.
– JNE OKE (Ongkos Kirim Ekonomis): A cost-effective option with slightly longer delivery times.
– JNE YES (Yakin Esok Sampai): Provides the fastest delivery with a guarantee of next-day delivery.

Choose the best option based on your package’s urgency, destination, and budget.

5. Track Your Package with Cek Resi

JNE’s cek resi service lets you track your package’s location in real-time using a unique code provided after delivery. You can find it on the official website or the JNE app. Share the code with the recipient so that they can keep an eye on the package.

In conclusion, JNE Express is one of the most reliable and affordable courier services in Indonesia. Follow these steps to send a package quickly and safely to your desired destination.

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