9 Fun and Exciting Salon Games for Girls to Play on their Mobile Devices
9 Fun and Exciting Salon Games for Girls to Play on their Mobile Devices

9 Fun and Exciting Salon Games for Girls to Play on their Mobile Devices

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When it comes to mobile games, salon games are a favorite for many girls. With constantly evolving technology, there are numerous types of salon games available now. However, there are very few dedicated to girls, as most are targeted towards boys. That’s why in this article, we’ll discuss some of the best salon games designed especially for young girls. Get ready to have some fun!

Princess Makeup Salon

In this game, players get to pamper a beautiful princess. Start by giving the princess a facial, and then use various makeup tools for the perfect look. The game features an array of makeup tools, such as blush on, eyeshadow, lipstick, and more. You can even style her hair! This game is available for download here.

Sally’s Salon – Beauty Secrets

Sally’s Salon – Beauty Secrets is not just a regular salon game. This game comes with several exciting features that make it unique. The game revolves around managing a salon and clients, making it a perfect mix of action and adventure. You must dress up and do the hair and makeup of clients to establish a successful business. Also, there are over six chapters with different levels to gain expertise from. Get Sally’s Salon – Beauty Secrets via download here.


Princess Dress up Games – Princess Fashion Salon

As the name suggests, this game is all about dressing up a princess. Start with a SPA session and then become a makeup artist, applying lipstick, eye-shadow, and more. Finally, choose the perfect dress for the princess. It’s that easy! Play Princess Dress up Games – Princess Fashion Salon here.

Wedding Makeover Salon

In this game, you’ll be the face artist for wedding brides. You have to help brides with their hair, makeup, and dress. You can use all the makeup tools available to make the bride look her best. Can you successfully do it? Check out Wedding Makeover Salon now.

Sweet Baby Girl Beauty Salon 3

In Sweet Baby Girl Beauty Salon 3, you will be styling four baby girls, Alice, Emma, Katty, and Emilly. You need to start by styling their hair and then move on to their nails. You can even add decals and accessories to their nails. If you play this game every day, you can level up and earn rewards. Start playing right away here.

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Style Me Girl

If you like visiting salons, you’ll love playing Style Me Girl. You can change your character’s appearance and buy various accessories to enhance their look. Also, the game has a simple user interface and is easy to play. Download Style Me Girl on the app store today.

Beauty Salon – Back-to-School

Beauty Salon – Back-to-School is a game where you makeover teenage girls like they’re 17 so ensure no ultra-glam looks. Hairstyling is also a significant part of this game. You can even adorn their hair with cute hair accessories. Ready to play this game? Download Beauty Salon – Back-to-School here.

Magical Hair Salon

In Magical Hair Salon, you will meet a lot of different characters who want their hair cut, colored, and styled. You must design hairstyles that meet their demands while taking care of every other need. Additionally, there are also mini-games to play while in the salon. Download Magical Hair Salon for free here.

Hair Saloon – Spa Salon

Hair Saloon – Spa Salon is another exciting game you can play. This game provides you with all the essential tools that appear in the actual salons. You have to make sure that every client is happy with their looks. Cut, dye, and style hair, give them skin treatments and make sure to make them smile. Are you up for the challenge? Download Hair Saloon – Spa Salon here.

In conclusion, there are many salon games out there for girls, but the above are some of the most fun and exciting ones. Give them all a try, and we’re sure you’ll never be bored!

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