7 Game MOBA Android Mirip DOTA yang Wajib Kamu Mainkan
7 Game MOBA Android Mirip DOTA yang Wajib Kamu Mainkan

7 Game MOBA Android Mirip DOTA yang Wajib Kamu Mainkan

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If you’re an avid gamer, you’ve probably tried your hand at DOTA, the popular MOBA game that has garnered considerable success. However, have you tried playing DOTA-like games on your Android smartphone or tablet? In this article, we’ve put together a list of the top 7 Android games that are similar to DOTA. These MOBA games can be played on your Android devices, so check them out and start playing today!

1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is an exciting MOBA game that offers a 5 vs 5 gameplay mode. You’ll need to work together with your team in fighting against the enemy team. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang also offers a simple control mechanism, making it easy to play. In addition, the game has an offline mode where you can play against the game’s AI. Interested in playing? Download here.

2. Heroes of Order & Chaos

Heroes of Order & Chaos requires you to form a team, strategize, and destroy enemy towers or bases that stand in your way to victory. The game provides 57 heroes with unique abilities to choose from. Players can choose to play solo or multiplayer mode, with two different map types, 3v3 or 5v5. With its stunning graphics quality, Heroes of Order & Chaos is one of the most popular MOBA games for Android.

3. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a popular game very similar to DOTA. You can join a clan to form an alliance and team up to improve your skills. There are different characters to choose from, and the latest version of the game has a Town Hall 12 update, along with the Siege Machines feature, a very powerful ability that can take down enemy defenses. In the latest version, players can also get magic items when working together with their clan members.


4. Clash Royale

Clash Royale is not just a game similar to COC, but also has unique MOBA elements in it. The game features real-time PvP and creep missions to besiege your enemy. Each game in Clash Royale lasts only 4 minutes, making it a fast-paced game. Players need to use their heroes to compete with their enemies tactically.

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5. Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a game that is comparable to DOTA in popularity, and its gameplay is just as entertaining. In this game, you need to form a group of 3 characters to fight against another group with 3 players, or you can play solo. The ultimate goal is to gather power and skills to become a star player by collecting as many brawls as possible. You need to compete with other Brawl Stars players around the world.

6. Heroes of SoulCraft

Heroes of Soulcraft is another must-try MOBA game offered for Android. This game has two modes, a five-minute three vs three mode for quick gameplay and a 15-minute five vs five mode for players who want a little longer gameplay. As a player, your task is to defeat the Witcher in the battle arena and become a legendary hero. Heroes of SoulCraft offers basic gameplay mechanics suitable for beginners who want to learn how to play games like DOTA.

7. League of Masters

League of Masters is a game that offers a unique MOBA gameplay experience. You can play as a team with your friends in a 3v3 multiplayer mode. This game is suitable for those who want to have fun with their friends and improve their gameplay skills.

In conclusion, these are the 7 MOBA games for Android that are similar to DOTA and very popular today. You can download and play them on your Android smartphone or tablet. These games will surely provide an exciting and enjoyable gaming experience, whether you play alone or with your friends.

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