7 Essential Tips and Tricks to Help You Play Stardew Valley with Ease
7 Essential Tips and Tricks to Help You Play Stardew Valley with Ease

7 Essential Tips and Tricks to Help You Play Stardew Valley with Ease

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Stardew Valley, developed by ConcernedApe, has emerged as one of the most popular video games in recent times. The game’s theme is reminiscent of Harvest Moon, which was popular a decade ago. However, there are several unique aspects to the game that make it worth playing, and this article will tell you everything you need to know to get started.

1. Watch TV Every Morning and Night

One of the most important things players must do in the game is check the TV every morning and night. Tuning into the Fortune Teller program can help players decide whether to harvest their crops or explore the mines that day. The Queen of Sauce provides cooking recipes, while Livin’ Off The Land offers fishing tips. Players should also watch the Weather Forecast to prepare for the next day.

2. Activate “Always Show Tool Hit Location”

Controlling the tools is a common problem for beginners in Stardew Valley. Players often find themselves using tools at the wrong angle, resulting in wasted energy. To overcome this problem, players can activate the “Always Show Tool Hit Location” option in the settings menu. A red box will appear when using tools, and players can aim it at the target.

3. Make a Chest to Store Items

In the beginning, the player’s bag can only hold twelve items, making it difficult to carry new items. Players can build a chest with fifty wooden logs to store unnecessary items like harvested crops, wood, stone, or even artifacts. The chest can be placed inside or outside the house and can be moved by emptying its contents.


4. Hoe the Worms

Players can sometimes find three moving worms while walking on dirt roads or sandy beaches. By hoeing the worms, players can uncover lost book collections or rare artifacts found in the game. If players are unlucky, they may get clay instead.

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5. Sleep Before 12 AM

Players must sleep before 12 AM to get a full energy bar the next day. If players sleep after midnight, they will wake up with less energy, making it difficult to perform heavy tasks like mining. If players sleep after 2 AM, they will collapse, lose money, and drop some items.

6. Bring Food to the Mines

Players need to bring sufficient food to the mines to keep their energy and health levels up. Choose foods that offer a good balance of energy and health bars in the game so that players can recover quickly when they run out of energy or are attacked by monsters.

7. Upgrade Tools When Not in Use

Players can upgrade their tools at the Blacksmith store, but the upgrade process takes two days. It’s best to upgrade tools when players don’t plan on using them. Players should upgrade watering cans when there are no crops to water and the pickaxe when they don’t plan to go mining.


By following these tips and tricks, players can enjoy playing Stardew Valley without any hassle. Keep in mind these strategies to make the most of your gameplay and progress through the game faster.

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