7 Best Cooking Games to Play for Nasi Goreng Lovers on Android
7 Best Cooking Games to Play for Nasi Goreng Lovers on Android

7 Best Cooking Games to Play for Nasi Goreng Lovers on Android

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Are you a fan of nasi goreng? Why not try playing cooking games that feature this delicious Indonesian dish? In this article, we will share with you the best cooking games that revolve around nasi goreng, all of which you can download and play for free on your Android device. Are you ready to have some fun?

1. Nasi Goreng

This cooking game created by developer Own Games takes you on a journey to cook nasi goreng for hungry customers. You must also manage your restaurant and upgrade or buy ingredients that are running low. Can you keep up with the demands? Download this game here.

2. Nasi Goreng Spesial

As the name suggests, this game puts you in the shoes of a nasi goreng seller who must cater to all their customers’ orders. You will start with limited resources, but as you sell more, you can upgrade your equipment and gain more ingredients. This game is an Indonesian-made original! Play the game here.

3. Nasi Goreng Frenzy

Cook nasi goreng virtually for your customers with this great game developed by Netpolitan Studio. As a restaurant owner, you must make sure that your business grows and attracts more customers. Do you have what it takes? Play the game here.


4. Toca Kitchen 2

Toca Kitchen 2 is a game that lets you unleash your creativity in cooking. Unlike other cooking games, you get to choose your own ingredients straight from the fridge. Cook for your customers and let them rate your dishes. The game is quite realistic and has received a 4.4-star rating on the Google Play Store. Try it out here.

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5. Chinese Rice Cooking

Chinese Rice Cooking is primarily aimed at children who want to learn how to cook nasi goreng. This game features a realistic kitchen and equipment, as well as a variety of ingredients. You must sort and prepare the ingredients before cooking them according to the steps given by the game. Download the game here.

6. Cooking Mama: Let’s cook!

Cooking Mama: Let’s cook! has been a popular cooking game since it was released on Nintendo DS. Now you can enjoy it on your Android device, with over 50 million downloads to date. Follow the step-by-step recipes and enjoy the cooking process, from chopping vegetables to cooking a full meal. Download the game for free here.

7. Chinese Food – Lunar New Year!

This game takes you on an adventure to cook various Chinese dishes, including nasi goreng, in celebration of the Lunar New Year. You get to choose your ingredients and specialize in making dishes for this special occasion. Plus, you can decorate your dishes to make them more attractive. Download the game here.


These cooking games are perfect for nasi goreng lovers who want to experience cooking their favorite dish virtually. They offer a fun and enjoyable way to learn and improve your cooking skills. Try them out and let us know which one is your favorite!

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