5 Interesting Facts about Grimoire in Black Clover
5 Interesting Facts about Grimoire in Black Clover

5 Interesting Facts about Grimoire in Black Clover

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Grimoire: The Essential Element for Wizards in Black Clover

Grimoire is an essential element for every wizard in Black Clover. It is through this book that people with magic are able to unleash their full potential. No wonder some villains often target specific grimoires to enhance their power. Here are 5 interesting facts about the Grimoire in Black Clover.

1. Distributed at Every Acceptance Ceremony

Every year, the kingdom typically holds a selection process for new magic knights. To filter potential wizard talents, a Grimoire acceptance ceremony is held for teenagers who are at least 15 years old. The ceremony is conducted by a wizard named Drouot at the Grimoire Tower. Typically, the grimoire books will fly and choose their own owners based on their capacity. If one misses the ritual after 15 years of age, they can still retrieve their grimoire at the tower anytime.

2. Writings in Different Languages

The incantations written in grimoires are typically written in a particular language based on the source of the wizard’s magic. If it comes from the wizard itself, then the writings will adapt to the language used by the owner. Whereas if the source comes from another existence such as spirits or demons, then the writings will be different from ordinary wizards. Yuno’s grimoire, for example, is written in the language of wind spirits, while Asta’s is written in the language of demon runes.


3. Several Grimoire Models

Generally, grimoires have cover models based on the symbol of the wizard’s country of origin such as heart for Heart, spade for Spade, diamond for Diamond, and clover for Clover. In the Clover Kingdom, grimoires are further classified into three types based on the number of clover leaves depicted on the cover. The first is a three-leaf clover, the most common type of grimoire in the kingdom. However, the power of this model cannot be underestimated, as the Queen of Witches with only a three-leaf grimoire can surpass all female wizards. The second is a four-leaf clover, a rare type that is only owned by wizards with extraordinary potential like Yuno. The meaning of a four-leaf clover is luck, which is why this type is often targeted by villains. The last one is a five-leaf clover. This type of grimoire is feared because of its demonic meaning. This type of grimoire appears when the original owner experiences intense despair and falls into the path of darkness.

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4. Each Grimoire is Bound to Its Owner

Each wizard can only use the magic written in their own grimoire. This is because the grimoire is bound to its owner since the beginning of the acceptance ceremony. For that reason, the grimoire will also be destroyed if the owner dies. The only type that can survive is the five-leaf clover, which will be dormant after the owner’s death until a worthy candidate emerges. An example would be Asta, who uses Licht’s five-leaf clover grimoire.

5. New Incantations are Written as Their Owners Develop

When receiving their grimoires, young wizards will find that some of the contents are still blank. They can only use the initial incantations that have been written. As time goes by, the grimoire will update its contents if the owner develops rapidly. Usually, this happens if the owner trains themself, receives special spell artifacts like Yuno, or there is a special event that triggers the wizard’s latent potential.

These are the 5 interesting facts about grimoire in Black Clover. If you have any other opinions, feel free to write them in the comments section!

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