5 Anime That Will Make You Want to Hug Your Mom on Mother's Day
5 Anime That Will Make You Want to Hug Your Mom on Mother's Day

5 Anime That Will Make You Want to Hug Your Mom on Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on December 22nd in Indonesia. Everyone celebrates the day by showing their love and affection to their mothers in various ways. Watching movies or series together is one of the ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in a relaxed manner. There are many movies or series, even anime, that tell stories about mothers that will truly touch the emotions of the audience. Although the stories may be simple, they are very relatable. In anime, stories about mothers are usually not the main focus but still have a strong emotional impact that will make people remember their mothers. Anime mothers are known to have strong mental fortitude. They are willing to do anything for the safety of their children, even if it means sacrificing their own lives.

Here are 5 anime that will make you appreciate your mother:

5. Ponyo

Ponyo is a cute and heartwarming animated film directed by Hayao Miyazaki. The story revolves around a magical fish named Ponyo who wants to become human and the boy who helps her. The bond between the boy and his mother is prominently featured in the film. The mother helps the boy through his challenges and supports him throughout the film. The love and care shown by the mother in the film will make you want to hug your mom.

4. Clannad

Clannad is an emotional anime that emphasizes the importance of family, whether it be biological or adoptive. The characters are closely connected to one another and their destinies intertwine. The mothers in the anime are admirable, starting with Nagisa’s mother, who is the pillar of strength and support for Nagisa and her friends. The series portrays the story of a mother who will do anything for her child, even if it means sacrificing her own life.


3. Erased

Erased is a thrilling anime that tells the story of a man who travels back in time to prevent a series of kidnappings and murders from happening. The bond between Sachiko Fujinuma, the protagonist’s mother, and her son is one of the major highlights of the series. Sachiko is always there for her son and is very protective of him, hiding bad news from him so he doesn’t worry. When a friend of her son is being abused by her mother, Sachiko takes matters into her own hands and looks after the child like her own. While she sacrifices herself to protect her son, the bond between them remains unbreakable.

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2. A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice is a drama anime that tells the story of a deaf girl and a boy who bullies her. The boy’s mother, Miyako Ishida, acknowledges her son’s wrongdoing towards the girl and takes responsibility for his actions. Miyako never punishes or scolds her son but instead apologizes to the girl’s family and buys her a new hearing aid. Miyako is patient, and her kindness and understanding towards the girl bring her closer to her son in a positive way.

1. Spy x Family

Spy x Family is a comedy anime that centers on a spy named Loid who needs to create a fake family in order to complete a mission. Yor, his fake wife, has no experience being a mother, but she tries her best to take care of Anya, Loid’s adopted daughter. Throughout the anime, Yor learns to be a better mother and falls in love with her family. The sweet and heartwarming relationship between Yor and Anya will make you want to hug your mom.

In conclusion, the maternal bond portrayed in these anime is truly inspiring. The love, care, patience, and sacrifice shown by these anime mothers are heartwarming and touching. This list acts as a reminder to appreciate your mother and tell her how much you love and care for her.

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