2023 Pokémon GO Community Day: New Features, Rare Pokémon, and More
2023 Pokémon GO Community Day: New Features, Rare Pokémon, and More

2023 Pokémon GO Community Day: New Features, Rare Pokémon, and More

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2023 will be an exciting year for Pokémon GO’s Community Day as Niantic, Inc. introduces new features to enhance the gameplay. The highly anticipated event will feature various outstanding Pokémon from 2022-2023, allowing trainers to catch their favorite creatures. One of the new features is the Party Play feature, which allows trainers to play together with friends, creating a more interactive and social experience.

The upcoming event, ‘Pusaran Licin,’ will bring back Pokémon from previous Community Days, including fan favorites like Axew, Togetic, Togekiss, Chespin, Fennekin, Squirtle, and Charmander. Trainers will have the chance to capture these rare Pokémon once again. Additionally, Pokémon such as Slowpoke, Wooper, Poliwag, and more will also be available for capture during the event.

To enhance the Community Day experience, Niantic, Inc. has introduced the Special Research Story Ticket, which can be purchased for Rp5.000. This ticket allows trainers to access exclusive research tasks and rewards. It can also be gifted to friends with a certain friendship level, adding a new level of interaction and gifting mechanics to the game.

The Community Day will take place on 16-17 December 2023, and fans of Pokémon Generation 1 are especially excited for the event. With the return of Squirtle and Charmander, trainers will have the opportunity to relive their childhood memories and catch these iconic creatures once again. Axew and Togekiss, known for their unique abilities, are also making a comeback, delighting fans who have been waiting to add them to their collections.

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One of the main attractions of the Community Day is the chance to evolve certain Pokémon. Trainers can use this opportunity to evolve their Pokémon and unlock new abilities and movesets. This adds a strategic element to the gameplay and encourages trainers to participate in the event.

In summary, Pokémon GO’s Community Day in 2023 promises to be a memorable event with the introduction of new features, the return of rare Pokémon from previous years, and the opportunity to catch and evolve special creatures. The Party Play feature allows trainers to enjoy the event together with friends, enhancing the social aspect of the game. With the Special Research Story Ticket, trainers can access exclusive research tasks and even gift tickets to friends. Don’t miss out on this exciting event of the year in Pokémon GO!

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