15 Best Train Simulator Games to Play on PlayStore
15 Best Train Simulator Games to Play on PlayStore

15 Best Train Simulator Games to Play on PlayStore

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Are you a fan of simulation games? Then you must try out the train simulator games available on the PlayStore! These games provide an experience like no other, allowing you to not only be the train driver but also to come across various challenges.

Here are the top 15 train simulator games that you should check out on PlayStore:

1. Train Simulator

With over 270,000 downloads, Train Simulator is one of the most popular train simulator games on PlayStore. The game offers an immersive experience as a train driver and various challenges in each level that you need to overcome.

2. Train Sim

Train Sim offers 3D graphics with more than 40 different trains to choose from. What’s more exciting is the ‘Build Custom Environments’ feature, which allows you to create your own view, making it more interesting and enjoyable. This game is suitable for all ages.


3. Indian Train Simulator

In Indian Train Simulator, you get to choose from different locomotives and stations to play in. The game offers a unique feature where you can customize passengers and decorate the stations with Indian-style features.

4. Euro Train Simulator

Euro Train Simulator provides a unique experience with diverse weather effects, including clear skies, overcast, fog, rain, and thunderstorm. You will also come across animations of passengers walking around the stations.

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5. Indonesian Train Simulator

This game is specially designed for train enthusiasts who want to experience the trains and stations of Indonesia. The game offers different routes and locomotives that are unique to Indonesia.

6. Train Simulator by i Games

This game is suitable for all ages and offers high-quality graphics with an HD display. Drive your train and enjoy the view with this Train Simulator by i Games.

7. Train Taxi

In Train Taxi, you must pick up all the passengers waiting on the road. But as you progress to higher levels, the task becomes more complicated. The tracks become more challenging to navigate, and the number of passengers to pick up increases.

8. Train Simulator Uphill Drive

This game is an uphill drive, offering a unique perspective compared to other train simulator games. You will have to navigate up a hill with your train full of passengers, making it more challenging and exciting.

In conclusion, these train simulator games offer a fun and unique experience for all ages. Download them on your Android device and become the train driver you always wanted to be.

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