10 Mysteries of the World Map in One Piece Anime Series
10 Mysteries of the World Map in One Piece Anime Series

10 Mysteries of the World Map in One Piece Anime Series

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The One Piece series is known for its unique storytelling, but its world map is just as intriguing. From the Blue Sea to countless islands, each location in the story is unique and contributes to what makes the world map of One Piece stand out from other mangas. In this article, we will delve into 10 mysteries of the world map in the One Piece anime series.

1. The Blue Sea

The Blue Sea, introduced at the beginning of the series, is the centerpiece of the entire world. It consists of several oceans, a group of islands, and a large expanse of land that stretches across the planet. The Blue Sea is significant, and the most important of all is arguably the Grand Line, consisting of the islands mentioned above.

2. Only One Continent in the World: Red Line

Interestingly, the One Piece world has only one continent that spans the entire planet, called Red Line. It is quite massive and is said to be located around the main meridian. It consists of several islands, all of which are connected. Red Line extends to the bottom of the sea and also rises high above the surface of the water.

3. Seven Seas Formed by Red Line

The vast expanse of land called Red Line divides the ocean into many sections. With two sea strips called Calm Belt standing perpendicular to Red Line, the world’s ocean is divided into four blues: North Blue, East Blue, South Blue, and West Blue. The sea between the two Calm Belt strips is known as the Grand Line and is where part of the story takes place.


4. The Sea of the Sky in One Piece

Even though the Blue Sea of the One Piece world is complex enough, it’s not the end-all of everything that exists in this world. The world’s ocean contains an element called Pyrobloin, which, when shot into the air, causes the density of clouds to change and brings forth Sea Clouds. These clouds can actually sail or swim like the sea below, with the only difference being their density.

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5. Sky Ocean Divided into Two Parts: The White Sea & The White-White Sea

Like the ocean on the surface, the Sky Ocean of the One Piece world can be split into two parts, the first of which is The White Sea. This sea is approximately 4.3 miles above sea level and is entirely made of Sea Clouds. Above The White Sea is The White-White Sea. The White-White Sea is located 6.2 miles above sea level, and it is where all Sky Islands reside.

6. Several Islands in the Sky World of One Piece

Introduced to fans in the Sky Island Saga, it was revealed that there were islands in the One Piece Sky World that rested on The White-White Sea. Skypiea, where the Straw Hat Pirates arrived, is just one of many islands in the sky. Places like Birka were mentioned before, while Nami was sent to another Sky Island called Weatheria. Meanwhile, towards the end of the Dressrosa arc, Kaido jumped from one of the islands called Terminal Balloon.

7. The Calm Belt

On either side of the Grand Line lies the Calm Belt, parallel to it. This sea is considered quite dangerous because there is no wind blowing here, making it impossible to sail without a paddleboat. In addition, the Calm Belt is a resting place for Sea Kings, giant sea monsters that can easily swallow islands without any problems. Therefore, this place is quite feared.

8. Fishman Island

Just as there are islands above the sea, there is also an island beneath the sea in the One Piece world, namely Fishman Island. It is located directly below the Red Line.

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