10 Easy Ways to Get Free WiFi Anywhere
10 Easy Ways to Get Free WiFi Anywhere

10 Easy Ways to Get Free WiFi Anywhere

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In today’s digital age, smartphones and internet connections have become a necessity for modern humans. There are endless fascinating things online that make people cling to their smartphones. However, online activities like surfing can come to a halt when your data plan runs out. The solution to stay connected to the internet is by reloading your phone with data plan or looking for free WiFi connections. The need for free WiFi is significant among many people. That’s why in Singapore alone, there are around 2,000 free WiFi hotspots provided for locals and tourists. Similarly, in Indonesia, we can also find free WiFi connections, although not as many as in Singapore. In this article, we will provide you with ten easy ways to get free WiFi anywhere.

1. Hunting for WiFi in Hotels or Restaurants

It’s a well-known secret that you can get free WiFi in Indonesia by visiting a restaurant or other business tenants, like cafes or coffee shops. They provide free WiFi access to their customers, and you might only need to ask for the password from the staff. Additionally, you can also take advantage of the free WiFi facilities provided during your hotel stay. What’s more, even street-side cafes are now offering free WiFi access to their visitors.

2. Search for Hidden WiFi Networks

When you are in a public place, it may seem impossible not to find free WiFi hotspots. However, it could also be that the WiFi network is deliberately hidden by the owner so that it can’t be easily accessed by other people. But, this is not a problem in getting free WiFi. Nowadays, several applications can help you to find hidden WiFi networks. Just visit a public place, download the app to find hidden WiFi, and try to trace the network that appears to be hidden. Make sure the WiFi hotspot is not locked so that you can use it.

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3. Register for Loyalty Programs with Telco Providers


Nowadays, there is a loyalty program called WiFi.ID initiated by Telkomsel, who is a telecommunication provider in Indonesia. You can register for this program to utilize their WiFi.ID facilities available in various places, usually found in public or strategic locations. In addition to following the loyalty programs from telecommunication providers, you can also join the loyalty program provided by specific businesses or hotels.

4. Get Free WiFi Coupons

Some companies or businesses promote their services by distributing free WiFi coupons. However, you should know that these coupons don’t necessarily have to be in physical form. You can find these coupons spread on social media or specific websites that offer free access to WiFi connections. Generally, these coupons can only be used at specific WiFi hotspots near you, so choose wisely.

5. Manipulate MAC Addresses to Get Unlimited Time

Did you know that some WiFi hotspots have limitations on usage time? Owners give a time limit for users to their network. However, there is a way to get free WiFi without a time limit by manipulating your Media Access Control (MAC) address.

Stay tune for other 5 ways to get free WiFI!

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