Zoro vs Lucci Rematch: Intense Battle on Pulau Egghead
Zoro vs Lucci Rematch: Intense Battle on Pulau Egghead

Zoro vs Lucci Rematch: Intense Battle on Pulau Egghead

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Roronoa Zoro and Rob Lucci are set to engage in another fierce battle on Pulau Egghead, approximately 2 years after their last encounter. The anticipation for this rematch is high, as both Zoro and Lucci have achieved significant power-ups and are formidable fighters in the One Piece manga.

Zoro, the second strongest member of the Straw Hat crew, possesses exceptional swordsmanship skills and a new sword style called ‘Gaya Raja Neraka.’ This new technique, along with his advanced Haki and Coating of Armament (CoA), have allowed Zoro to fight on par with and even defeat powerful opponents like King.

On the other hand, Lucci, considered the strongest among CP0 members, has shown exceptional abilities in the series. His physical strength and mastery of Armament Haki are comparable to Luffy’s Gear 5. Lucci’s speed and offensive abilities make him a formidable opponent, even against skilled Haki users.

The clash between Zoro and Lucci on Pulau Egghead promises to be intense and thrilling. Both fighters possess great mastery of Haki, making the battle even more fierce. Fans can expect a display of their impressive swordsmanship skills and their ability to withstand devastating attacks.


In their previous encounter, Luffy interrupted Lucci and Kaku from completing their mission on Egghead. Lucci initially fought on par with Luffy, even with Luffy using Gear 5. However, Luffy quickly overwhelmed Lucci with a powerful punch. This showcases Lucci’s ability to withstand Gear 5 attacks and recover quickly.

With the passage of time, both Zoro and Lucci have grown stronger. Zoro’s new sword style and advanced Haki have elevated his fighting abilities to new heights. Lucci’s exceptional physical strength, Armament Haki, and speed have also improved.

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The battle between Zoro and Lucci is expected to showcase their immense power and skill. With their intense rivalry and determination to prove their strength, the fight on Pulau Egghead will undoubtedly be one for the books.

Fans can only imagine the intensity and excitement that will unfold when Zoro’s Gaya Raja Neraka clashes with Lucci’s formidable techniques. The power of their Haki, combined with their exceptional swordsmanship, will create a spectacle that fans have been eagerly waiting for.

In conclusion, the upcoming rematch between Zoro and Lucci on Pulau Egghead holds the promise of an intense battle between two skilled and tough fighters. Their advanced Haki and impressive swordsmanship skills will be put to the test as they aim to settle their rivalry and prove their strength. Fans of One Piece are eagerly awaiting this showdown, which is expected to be as intense as Zoro’s battle against King. Pulau Egghead will bear witness to an epic clash that will captivate readers and leave them craving for more.

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