Zeroville Movie Synopsis: Journey into the World of Hollywood Filmmaking
Zeroville Movie Synopsis: Journey into the World of Hollywood Filmmaking

Zeroville Movie Synopsis: Journey into the World of Hollywood Filmmaking

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Zeroville is a 2019 American comedy-drama-mystery film that was directed by James Franco and based on a novel by Steve Erickson. The film navigates the world of Hollywood in the 1970s, giving viewers a glimpse into the filmmaking industry that was prominent at that time.


Released in 2019, Zeroville follows the story of Vikar, a 24-year-old architecture student who becomes highly obsessed with a film titled “A Place in The Sun.” He shaves his head and tattoos Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Cliff’s images on the back of his head, resembling the leading characters in the film. He then moves to Hollywood, hoping to learn more about the movie industry and get his career kickstarted.

Despite arriving in the midst of the Hollywood industry’s chaos and near-collapse, Vikar remains unfazed and driven by his passion for filmmaking. Vikar starts his Hollywood journey by taking a job as a set designer for a particular location that would be used in an upcoming movie. Along the way, he meets Dotty Langer, an experienced senior film editor played by Jacki Weaver. He begins to learn the basics of film editing and starts taking this as a meaningful career opportunity.

Together with Dotty, they proceed to edit films. He then meets Soledad Paladin, who is a seductive actress in several adult movies, but her fame is limited. Vikar gets an opportunity to edit Soledad’s film, and this turns out to be a game-changer for him as he discovers a new style of filmmaking that sets him apart from traditional movie editors. The new style eventually earns him an award as the best film editor.
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Zeroville sheds light on the internal working of the Hollywood film industry, and the story of Vikar perfectly depicts the struggles and challenges novice filmmakers face when starting their career. It also reveals bold insights into the complexity of movie editing and how it is a vital aspect of the whole movie-making process.

As the protagonist and the film’s director, James Franco perfectly depicts the character of Vikar, and the entire cast delivers an outstanding performance throughout the film.

In conclusion, Zeroville offers the viewers a witty yet informative take on the world of filmmaking, with a great cast delivering a compelling story. It is an excellent movie that will leave viewers with profound knowledge and appreciation for the art of movie-making.

So, if you’re into the world of filmmaking or curious about the fascinating life behind the scenes in Hollywood, this is a movie you shouldn’t miss.

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