X-Drake: The Ancient Zoan User and Former Navy Officer in One Piece
X-Drake: The Ancient Zoan User and Former Navy Officer in One Piece

X-Drake: The Ancient Zoan User and Former Navy Officer in One Piece

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X-Drake is one of the infamous pirates in the One Piece series. He is a former Navy officer who defected and joined the pirates. Being part of the worst generation of pirates, he has a bounty of 100,000 berries on his head. X-Drake first appeared in the Sabaody Archipelago arc where Luffy stood up against the Tenryuubitos.


During the battle of Onigashima, X-Drake was defeated by a member of the CP0, leaving his fate unknown up until chapter 1080. Even the Sword members failed to contact him when Coby was kidnapped by Kurohige. However, there are theories that he might return and cause trouble again as some signs suggest.

Recent events in the story, such as Kid’s defeat in Elbaf and Garp’s appearance on Hachinosu Island, hint that X-Drake might still be alive and make a comeback soon. Moreover, Garp’s presence could assist X-Drake and help him reduce the burden he’s carrying. But, if he does come back and goes to Hachinosu Island, his power will be at risk, and Kurohige might come after him.

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X-Drake has an ancient Zoan devil fruit called Ryu Ryu no mi model Allosaurus, which enhances his physical strength and can withstand various types of attacks. Therefore, his Zoan powers classify him as a “step above” and make him the only Worst Generation member to have eaten an ancient Zoan fruit. This makes his power valuable to Kurohige, and his crew members already started targeting him.

In conclusion, X-Drake is a prominent character in the One Piece series who possesses unique abilities and has a distinctive story arc. As the story progresses, we might witness his reappearance and impact on the storyline. Only time will tell what X-Drake’s fate will be and how he will influence the ultimate outcome of the One Piece world.

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