Will Sanji be Able to Awaken Haki Raja in One Piece? Here are 4 Reasons Why Not
Will Sanji be Able to Awaken Haki Raja in One Piece? Here are 4 Reasons Why Not

Will Sanji be Able to Awaken Haki Raja in One Piece? Here are 4 Reasons Why Not

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In One Piece, Vinsmoke Sanji is considered one of the strongest characters as part of the SHP trio monster. Fans speculate that he might awaken the ability to use Haki Raja like his fellow crewmembers, Luffy and Zoro, especially after the manga’s chapter 1081 cover hinted at Sanji being the third member to possess this power. Sanji is a powerful character in the world of pirates, and it is reasonable to assume that he has the potential to use Haki Raja, which could provide a significant boost to the Straw Hat Pirates.

However, there are four reasons why Sanji might not be able to awaken Haki Raja.

1. SHP Already Has Two Haoshoku Haki Users

In the One Piece series, Eiichiro Oda has established a pattern wherein it is rare to find more than two Haki Raja users in one pirate crew. For example, up to chapter 1081, only the captain and the second-strongest crewmember possess this ability. This is because Haki Raja is not a type of Haki that can be trained; it is a quality that only one in a million people possess, and those who do possess it are considered leaders or kings. If Oda is consistent with this pattern, it’s unlikely that Sanji will awaken Haki Raja, given that two members of the SHP, Luffy, and Zoro, already possess this ability.

2. Sanji’s Dream

Many confirmed Haoshoku Haki users in the series have a grand goal and a purpose they are striving for. For instance, Shanks, Luffy, Ace, and Oden all have significant dreams that they wish to achieve. Similarly, Zoro strives to become the world’s greatest swordsman. Sanji, on the other hand, has only two aspirations on his mind, which are to see the All-Blue and become the world’s greatest cook. It’s not that Sanji’s dream is not significant, but his dream does not align with that of a Haoshoku Haki user.

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3. Weakness Towards Women

Every pirate has something that they like and enjoy; for example, Luffy likes meat, and Zoro likes sake. However, Sanji is different in that he often finds himself struggling in the presence of women. He can even forget his aspirations as a pirate. Haoshoku Haki can only be awakened by those with unwavering determination who cannot be easily swayed. Unfortunately, Sanji’s weakness towards women makes it impossible for him to awaken Haki Raja.

4. Sanji’s Strength

Despite not having Haki Raja, Sanji is still considered one of the strongest characters in One Piece and boasts the title of Trio Monster. He even managed to awaken the power of the exoskeleton, which provides him with the strongest defense among his crewmates. Sanji was even able to defeat Kaido’s All-Star Queen without using Haki Raja. As such, it’s possible that Oda has other plans for Sanji’s development, and he might not need to awaken Haki Raja at all.

In conclusion, while the idea of Sanji’s potential to awaken Haki Raja is thrilling, there are four compelling reasons to believe that he probably won’t be able to. However, One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda always has interesting twists up his sleeve, so fans will have to wait and see what happens next.

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