Will Luffy Finally Win a Fight Against an Admiral in the Island of Egghead?
Will Luffy Finally Win a Fight Against an Admiral in the Island of Egghead?

Will Luffy Finally Win a Fight Against an Admiral in the Island of Egghead?

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Luffy, the captain of the Mugiwara Pirates, has been through several intense battles, including fights with various Admirals from the Marine. One of the most popular predictions made by fans of One Piece is that Luffy will encounter Admiral Kizaru himself on the notorious Island of Egghead. As per reports, Kizaru is eagerly waiting to defeat Luffy in a brutal battle. However, there is a possibility that Luffy may not win this fight, even after using his God Nika form.

Luffy has faced Admirals of the Marine several times throughout the course of the One Piece series. During the Marineford War, Luffy had an encounter with three Admirals simultaneously. Unfortunately, he was unable to defeat even a single one of them. His first encounter with an Admiral was Kuzan, who defeated Luffy easily by using the power of the Hie Hie no Mi devil fruit. Luffy was turned into an ice block, leaving him unable to attack the Admiral, rendering him helpless.

Later, Luffy encountered Kizaru during the Sabaody Archipelago arc, where he was defeated again. Eventually, Luffy and his crew were separated for two years. Once reunited, Luffy faced another loss against the Marine at Marineford. His life was at stake as he was almost killed by Akainu, who had not yet become the Fleet Admiral.

Luffy also faced hardships against other Admirals even after Sengoku’s retirement and Akainu’s promotion as the new Fleet Admiral. During Dressrosa, Luffy encountered Fujitora, who still did not possess an Admiral’s full strength. Luffy, along with his crew, was able to lift the island of Dressrosa, which angered the World Government. The same issue happened again when Admiral Aramaki targeted Luffy at Wano. Luffy was on the verge of defeat since he was not fully recovered from his fight against Kaido. If it were not for Shanks’ timely intervention, Luffy would have lost.

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It seems as though there is a curse over Luffy that he can never win against an Admiral, considering his track record. There is a possibility that Kizaru will be stronger than Kaido with his awakened devil fruit Pika Pika no Mi, which can potentially overpower Luffy’s Gear 5 even if he reaches the level’s fullest potential.

In conclusion, it is uncertain if Luffy will finally emerge victorious when he confronts Admiral Kizaru on Egghead Island. Although it is an exciting possibility, Luffy’s history with Admirals from the Marine leaves a lot of doubt. Luffy has repeatedly faced defeat by Admirals in almost every encounter that he has had with them. Only time will tell if Luffy will eventually rise to the challenge and claim a hard-earned victory over an Admiral.

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