Will Garp Survive? One Piece 1089: Challenges Faced by Luffy and his Crew on Egghead Island
Will Garp Survive? One Piece 1089: Challenges Faced by Luffy and his Crew on Egghead Island

Will Garp Survive? One Piece 1089: Challenges Faced by Luffy and his Crew on Egghead Island

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One Piece fans were left heartbroken as the previous chapter ended with the shocking moment of Garp’s apparent death. The beloved character’s fate hangs in the balance, leaving fans anxiously waiting for the next installment. In the upcoming One Piece 1089, an intense and action-packed chapter is expected, with Luffy and his crew facing numerous challenges on Egghead Island.

The chapter begins with a compelling flashback, where Garp, a legendary Marine, takes on the role of a teacher. He imparts his knowledge and skills to new Marine recruits, including the determined and aspiring Marine, Coby. This flashback not only provides insights into Garp’s character but also showcases the strong bond between the seasoned Marine and the ambitious recruit.

Meanwhile, the dangerous Blackbeard makes a significant move by agreeing to leave Amazon Lily but not without wreaking havoc. The notorious pirate takes 800 Marines and warships with him, undoubtedly posing a severe threat to both the Marines and the Straw Hat crew.

As chaos ensues, Garp finds himself facing a colossal hand threatening their ship. In a moment of desperation, he turns to Coby and places the fate of the crew in his hands. Reluctantly, Coby accepts the challenge and successfully destroys the gigantic hand, showcasing his growth and determination.


Garp, overwhelmed with memories, reminisces about Coby’s journey as he joined the Marines and trained relentlessly in secret. This reflection further deepens the emotional connection between the two characters and highlights the transformative power of mentorship and perseverance.

However, as the crew battles against the odds, they face a dire situation. Everyone except Garp manages to board the ship, leaving the Marine hero behind. Garp, refusing to give up, urges the crew to leave him and promises to find a way to survive. His unwavering resolve and undying loyalty resonate with readers, creating an emotional and inspiring moment.

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In a dramatic turn of events, Garp is shown with an ice blade embedded in his chest, yet he continues to smile. This shocking revelation leaves readers questioning his fate and anxiously awaiting the release of One Piece 1089 to uncover the truth. Will Garp survive?

As the Marines arrive at Egghead Island in the latest chapter, the stage is set for an epic confrontation. Luffy and his crew find themselves trapped on the island, surrounded by formidable enemies. The challenges they face are immense, testing their strength, strategy, and determination to the limits.

One Piece 1089 is set to be released on August 6, 2023, and fans are counting down the days. To read the manga and discover the fate of Garp and the thrilling battle on Egghead Island, readers can access the latest chapter on various platforms like Komikcast and Manga Plus. Manga Plus, in particular, is a popular platform for non-Japanese fans to enjoy Japanese comics.

In conclusion, the upcoming One Piece 1089 promises to be a riveting chapter filled with unexpected twists, emotional moments, and intense battles. The challenges faced by Luffy and his crew on Egghead Island will put their abilities and bonds to the ultimate test. Will Garp survive his apparent death? Only time will tell, but fans can’t wait to find out!

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