Will Coby Eat the Legendary Devil Fruit in One Piece 1081?
Will Coby Eat the Legendary Devil Fruit in One Piece 1081?

Will Coby Eat the Legendary Devil Fruit in One Piece 1081?

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The latest spoiler manga of One Piece teases the appearance of the legendary devil fruit that belonged to Rock D Xebec. The said fruit was acquired by Kuzan, who convinced Coby to eat it to support Garp’s efforts in fighting Blackbeard. However, Coby declined the offer, fearing that he might lose his ability to swim.

In One Piece 1080, it was revealed that Garp and his comrades stormed Hachinosu to save Coby. Kuzan secretly sneaked into the storage where the devil fruit was kept and took it when no one was guarding. He then stumbled upon Coby’s location and offered him the fruit. Though hesitant, Coby refused the fruit and declined Kuzan’s proposal.

The upcoming One Piece 1081 is expected to reveal what would happen next to Coby, Garp, and the legendary devil fruit. Will Coby eventually eat the fruit? Or will he stick with his decision and refuse it?

One Piece fans are excited to know the answers to these questions. The manga is set to be released on Sunday, April 16, 2023, on various platforms like Komikcast and Manga Plus. Manga Plus is a Shueisha’s platform dedicated to Japanese manga and can be accessed through its website or application on Android and IOS.

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In a world where devil fruits give supernatural abilities to those who eat them, Coby’s decision not to eat the legendary devil fruit shows his courage and determination to achieve his dreams without relying too much on power. As the story unfolds, fans are eager to see how this decision would affect Coby’s development and role in the series. One Piece continues to captivate its audience with its epic story, unique characters, and exciting plot twists. Stay tuned for more updates!

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