Why Naruto Rarely Uses Frog Style Martial Arts in Boruto
Why Naruto Rarely Uses Frog Style Martial Arts in Boruto

Why Naruto Rarely Uses Frog Style Martial Arts in Boruto

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When it comes to the Naruto series, fans have become accustomed to seeing the powerful shinobi utilize a wide range of martial arts and jutsu. One technique that has captured the attention of many is the Sage Mode and Frog Style martial arts. However, in the recent Boruto manga and anime, Naruto’s usage of this particular fighting style has significantly diminished. This raises questions about the effectiveness and relevance of Frog Style martial arts in Naruto’s current battles.

Sage Mode is a formidable jutsu that Naruto obtained in Mount Myoboku. It granted him incredible power, as seen in his epic battle against Pain where he saved Konoha from destruction. The origins of Frog Style martial arts can also be traced back to Mount Myoboku, where humans learn Senjutsu and incorporate it into their fighting techniques. Notable characters like Hagoromo, Jiraiya, Minato, and Naruto himself have all mastered these unique martial arts.

One of the key advantages of Frog Style martial arts lies in its utilization of invisible natural chakra. This makes the attacks extremely difficult to detect and defend against. The natural chakra seamlessly blends with the shinobi’s physical movements, delivering devastating blows to their opponents. However, despite these advantages, Naruto seems to rely less on Frog Style martial arts in Boruto.

After his intense battle with Pain, Naruto’s usage of Senjutsu and Frog Style martial arts has noticeably dwindled. Instead, he has shifted his focus to other powers that he possesses. This raises the question of whether Frog Style martial arts are simply not effective against Naruto’s current adversaries. It is possible that the enemies he now faces have found loopholes in the Frog Style’s defenses, rendering it less useful in combat.


Another possibility is that the creator of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto, may have intentionally chosen not to focus on Frog Style martial arts in Boruto. It could be a conscious decision to explore new techniques and showcase Naruto’s growth as a shinobi. Alternatively, Kishimoto may have unintentionally overlooked the significance of Frog Style martial arts in the ongoing storyline.

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Additionally, it is important to note that only a select few shinobi possess the ability to use Frog Style martial arts. This limited availability may be a contributing factor to its diminished prominence in battles. From a visual standpoint, Frog Style martial arts may not be as captivating as some of the other techniques showcased in the Naruto universe. This could be a reason why the focus has shifted away from this particular fighting style.

The reduced usage of Frog Style martial arts by Naruto in Boruto raises questions about its effectiveness and relevance in his current battles. The emergence of Naruto’s other powers, such as Kurama’s chakra mode and Hagoromo’s abilities, may have overshadowed the need for Frog Style martial arts. These additional powers provide Naruto with increased strength and versatility, making the Frog Style less necessary.

In conclusion, Naruto’s limited use of Frog Style martial arts in Boruto sparks speculation about its effectiveness and relevance. Whether it is due to the availability of other powers or the diminishing efficacy of the fighting style against his current enemies, the shift in Naruto’s fighting style raises intriguing possibilities. It remains to be seen how this departure from Frog Style martial arts will impact future battles and how Naruto will adapt to the challenges that lie ahead.

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