Who is Ratu Lily? One Piece 1084 Spoiler Reveals Surprising Character
Who is Ratu Lily? One Piece 1084 Spoiler Reveals Surprising Character

Who is Ratu Lily? One Piece 1084 Spoiler Reveals Surprising Character

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The much-awaited One Piece 1084 spoiler has been released, and it brings with it a fascinating revelation. Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, introduces a new character who is connected to the story. In this chapter, we meet Ratu Lily, the founder of the Arabasta Kingdom. Who is this character, and why is she so important to the storyline?

As per Patriot our site, readers get to see a flashback of Nefertari Cobra when he meets Gorosei. During their meeting, Cobra asks about Ratu Lily, who was one of the founders of the World Government from the 20 kingdoms. However, Ratu Lily refused to become a part of the Celestial Dragons or Tenryuubito. Nevertheless, Cobra mentions that Ratu Lily disappeared after the establishment of the World Government.

Cobra asks Gorosei about Ratu Lily’s whereabouts and what happened to her. To his surprise, Gorosei states that they do not know where Ratu Lily is. But then, Im Sama appears, calling out the name “Lily” while speaking to Nefertari Cobra. The chapter ends with this cliffhanger, leaving readers eager to find out more.

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This raises a few questions about Ratu Lily and Im Sama. Firstly, it is confirmed that Im Sama knows who Ratu Lily is. It is possible that Im Sama could have a relationship with her. Secondly, it is speculated that Im Sama might have some connection to Lily’s disappearance, given that he was holding the 20th sword that was not stuck in front of an empty throne. Is it possible that Im Sama was responsible for Lily’s disappearance, or did he cause Cobra’s death immediately after their conversation in One Piece 1084?


The chapter leaves fans on the edge of their seats, eagerly waiting for the upcoming One Piece 1084 spoiler to reveal more details about Ratu Lily and Im Sama’s involvement in the story. One thing is for sure; Ratu Lily plays a crucial role in the One Piece storyline.

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