Vivi Joins the Revolutionary Army in One Piece 1090: Threats and Alliances
Vivi Joins the Revolutionary Army in One Piece 1090: Threats and Alliances

Vivi Joins the Revolutionary Army in One Piece 1090: Threats and Alliances

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When it comes to the recent developments in the world of One Piece, a surprising twist has rocked the fans. In One Piece 1090, Vivi, Monkey D Luff, and the Revolutionary Army find themselves caught up in a turn of events that has far-reaching consequences. One of the major revelations in this chapter is Vivi’s decision to join the Revolutionary Army instead of becoming a member of Luffy’s group. This unexpected move has raised eyebrows and created a buzz among the One Piece community.

The speculations of Vivi joining the Straw Hat Pirates have long been debated by fans, but the confirmation from Oda Sensei himself puts those rumors to rest. Vivi’s inclusion in the Revolutionary Army has been carefully crafted by the mastermind behind One Piece, and it adds a new layer of complexity to the story.

Vivi’s decision to join the Revolutionary Army stems from a message that her father sends to Sabo. This message sets in motion a series of events that lead to Vivi aligning herself with the Revolutionary Army. As one of the key characters in the Alabasta arc, Vivi’s importance cannot be understated. Her previous disguises and her role in saving her kingdom make her an integral part of the One Piece universe.

The Revolutionary Army, even before Vivi’s involvement, had been a thorn in the side of the World Government. Their operations and missions have constantly threatened the status quo, and their ultimate goal is to dismantle the oppressive regime of the World Government. With Vivi’s addition, the Revolutionary Army becomes an even greater threat, and their power and influence are significantly heightened.

Vivi’s decision to join the Revolutionary Army is a logical one considering her current status as a target for the World Government. As the ruler of Alabasta and a member of the Nefertari family, Vivi finds herself in a precarious position. Joining the Revolutionary Army provides her with much-needed protection and a chance to fight back against the forces that seek to control her.

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Sabo, with the message from Vivi’s father, feels a deep sense of responsibility to protect her. This responsibility extends beyond friendship, as Sabo understands the weight of the message and the danger that Vivi faces. The Revolutionary Army, with its vast resources and network, is the best place for Vivi to find the protection she needs.

Vivi’s connection to Dragon, the leader of the Revolutionary Army, further solidifies her place within the organization. As a member of the D clan, Vivi’s lineage holds great significance in the world of One Piece. Her joining the Revolutionary Army not only strengthens their ranks but also adds legitimacy and power to their cause.

Despite Vivi’s potential return to the Straw Hat Pirates being hindered by her royal position and responsibilities, it is important to note that her decision to join the Revolutionary Army is not set in stone. Her current whereabouts involve hiding from the World Government on Morgan’s ship with Wapol. This temporary arrangement allows her to evade capture while the Revolutionary Army plans their next move.

In conclusion, Vivi’s choice to join the Revolutionary Army rather than becoming a member of the Straw Hat Pirates marks a significant turning point in the One Piece storyline. Her decision strengthens the organization and poses a greater threat to the World Government. As a beloved character with deep connections and responsibilities, Vivi’s journey in the world of One Piece takes on new challenges and alliances. The complex web of alliances and dangers faced by the characters continues to captivate fans and keeps them eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the One Piece saga.

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