Vegeta's New Form - Unleashing the Power of Ultra Ego in Dragon Ball Super
Vegeta's New Form - Unleashing the Power of Ultra Ego in Dragon Ball Super

Vegeta’s New Form – Unleashing the Power of Ultra Ego in Dragon Ball Super

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Vegeta, one of the iconic characters in Dragon Ball Super, has unleashed a new form known as Ultra Ego. This transformation first appeared in Chapter 74 and is a significant power-up for Vegeta. Unlike Ultra Instinct, Ultra Ego does not rely on evasive techniques. Let’s dive deeper into the details of Vegeta’s latest form.

In his battle against Granolah, Vegeta’s new power awakened. It is important to note that Ultra Ego is not a gift bestowed upon him by Beerus, the God of Destruction. Instead, it is something that existed within Vegeta himself, waiting to be tapped into.

The name Ultra Ego holds profound significance. It reflects Vegeta’s acknowledgement of his own selfishness, which has always been a defining aspect of his character. This form represents a culmination of his growth and self-awareness.

However, despite its incredible power, Ultra Ego does have a weakness. Vegeta cannot endure sustained attacks in this form. As the battle progresses, his vision starts to blur, hinting at the damage he receives. If the enemy can withstand Vegeta’s relentless assaults, he will eventually be defeated.

Granolah, the opponent faced by Vegeta, is taken by surprise by his lack of evasion. It throws off Granolah, who is accustomed to opponents utilizing dodging techniques. Vegeta’s new form showcases his determination and resolve to face his enemies head-on, without relying on evasive maneuvers.

Dragon Ball Super 75, the chapter where Vegeta’s Ultra Ego form is unleashed, was initially published on May 20, 2022, and republished on November 13, 2023. It marks a significant milestone in Vegeta’s character development and his power progression.

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While the article suggests that Vegeta may have received training from Beerus, it does not provide concrete evidence. This leaves room for speculation and adds an intriguing layer to Vegeta’s growth as a warrior.

It is worth mentioning that Vegeta expresses gratitude to Granolah for drawing out his new power. This acknowledgment of his opponent’s role in his transformation highlights Vegeta’s respect for his adversaries and his recognition of the lessons they teach him.

In conclusion, Vegeta’s new form, Ultra Ego, represents a powerful transformation that surpasses his previous forms. It is not a gift from Beerus, but rather a power that existed within Vegeta all along. While lacking the evasive abilities of Ultra Instinct, Ultra Ego unleashes Vegeta’s relentless power. However, it comes with the vulnerability of not being able to endure sustained attacks. This new form showcases Vegeta’s growth as a character and his willingness to confront his opponents head-on. Dragon Ball Super enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the further development of Vegeta’s Ultra Ego and the challenges it will bring in future chapters.

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