Usopp's Surprising Power Upgrade in One Piece 1087: Summoning Weapons from His Body
Usopp's Surprising Power Upgrade in One Piece 1087: Summoning Weapons from His Body

Usopp’s Surprising Power Upgrade in One Piece 1087: Summoning Weapons from His Body

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When it comes to the latest chapter of One Piece, fans were in for a surprise as Usopp, the self-proclaimed weakling of the crew, showcased a newfound ability that left Monkey D Luffy astonished. In One Piece 1087, Usopp reveals his power to summon weapons from his body, something that no one was expecting.

So how exactly did Usopp gain this incredible ability? It turns out that he has eaten a devil fruit called the Poke Poke no Mi. This devil fruit grants him the power to store and summon objects, in this case, weapons. This revelation has left fans curious about the origins of this devil fruit and how it came into Usopp’s possession.

Luckily, Eiichiro Oda, the mangaka behind One Piece, provided some insight into this matter. In One Piece 1087, Oda revealed that it was his intention for Usopp to eat the Poke Poke no Mi. The devil fruit was previously consumed by Blamenco, the division 6 commander of the Whitebeard pirates. However, what happened to Blamenco after this chapter remains unknown.

But the mystery doesn’t stop there. It seems that Vegapunk, a prominent character in the One Piece series, played a role in Usopp being able to use the power of the Poke Poke no Mi. Vegapunk has the ability to duplicate devil fruit abilities, with Paramacia devil fruits being the easiest to duplicate. It is through Vegapunk’s duplication ability that Usopp was able to attain the power to summon weapons from his body.
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This new ability of Usopp’s is significant not only in terms of his character development but also for the overall story of One Piece. As the crew’s sniper, Usopp’s ability to summon weapons will undoubtedly come in handy during their journey to find the mysterious treasure known as One Piece. Luffy and his crew of pirates are always in need of stronger allies and unique abilities to overcome the challenges they face along the way.

One Piece is a story that revolves around pirates and their search for treasure. The world that Oda has created is filled with excitement, adventure, and unexpected powers. Usopp’s surprising power upgrade in One Piece 1087 adds another layer of intrigue to the already captivating narrative.

In conclusion, Usopp’s unexpected revelation in One Piece 1087 showcases his growth as a character and introduces a mysterious new power. With the ability to summon weapons from his body thanks to the Poke Poke no Mi devil fruit, Usopp’s role in Luffy’s quest for One Piece becomes even more crucial. Fans eagerly await the next chapter to see how Usopp’s newfound power will aid the Straw Hat crew in their journey.

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