Unveiling the Secrets: Sabo's Role and the Revelation of the 'D' Clan in One Piece
Unveiling the Secrets: Sabo's Role and the Revelation of the 'D' Clan in One Piece

Unveiling the Secrets: Sabo’s Role and the Revelation of the ‘D’ Clan in One Piece

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When it comes to the epic manga series One Piece, there are countless mysteries and thrilling plot twists that captivate readers. One such intriguing storyline revolves around Sabo, the right-hand man of Monkey D Dragon and his unexpected role in the ongoing conflict between the World Government and the ‘D’ clan. In chapter 1090, Sabo finds himself being pursued by the World Government and becomes the target of the enigmatic Im Sama. This turn of events sheds light on the secrets of the ‘D’ clan, revealing their importance in the One Piece universe.

Sabo’s journey takes a drastic turn when he witnesses the death of Nefertari Cobra at the hands of Im Sama. This shocking revelation not only puts Sabo in grave danger, but it also sparks a fierce determination within him to uncover the truth behind Im Sama’s identity and the World Government’s hidden agenda. As a member of the ‘D’ clan, Sabo possesses crucial information that could potentially change the course of history.

The ‘D’ clan has always been shrouded in mystery, with limited knowledge about its members and their significance. However, Sabo’s encounter with Im Sama provides him with a glimpse into the true nature of this esteemed lineage. Sabo learns that he is not alone in his struggle against the World Government and the oppressive Celestial Dragons. There are currently 14 known characters in One Piece who belong to the ‘D’ clan, each with their own unique story and role in the grand narrative.

Amongst the notable members of the ‘D’ clan are Sa D. Bo, Nefertari D Lily, Nefertari D Cobra, and Nefertari D Vivi. Their connection to the Nefertari family of Alabasta adds an additional layer of intrigue to their already compelling characters. Trafalgar D. Water Law, also known as Eleven Supernova, is another prominent member of the ‘D’ clan, showcasing the diverse backgrounds and skills of this enigmatic group.


The history and lineage of the ‘D’ clan run deep, with each member playing a significant role in the tumultuous events of the One Piece universe. Portgas D. Rouge, the lover of the legendary Gol D. Roger and the mother of Portgas D. Ace, embodies the sacrifice and strength associated with the ‘D’ clan. Her role in the destiny of the ‘D’ clan and the impact she had on the lives of her loved ones cannot be overstated.

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Another notable character is Jaguar D. Saul, a former marine vice admiral who eventually becomes disillusioned with the corrupt World Government. Saul’s journey mirrors the internal conflicts faced by many members of the ‘D’ clan. His decision to stand against the oppressive regime serves as an inspiration to Sabo and others who seek to challenge the status quo.

Portgas D. Ace, the brother of Monkey D. Luffy, commands a significant presence in the One Piece universe. As the powerful commander of Whitebeard’s second division, he leaves a lasting impact before his untimely demise. Ace’s connection to the ‘D’ clan and his legacy further elevate the importance of this mysterious lineage.

Now, all eyes are on Monkey D. Luffy, the central protagonist of One Piece. Luffy’s journey to uncover the true history of the ‘D’ clan and his unwavering determination to challenge the World Government have propelled him to become a formidable pirate. Through his adventures, he has gained recognition and respect from friends and foes alike, uniting them under a common cause.

The revelation of the ‘D’ clan’s significance in the final saga of One Piece implies that these disparate characters will converge and join forces. Their shared heritage, ideals, and determination to uncover the truth will play a pivotal role in shaping the fate of the One Piece universe. As Sabo’s pursuit by the World Government intensifies, the stage is set for a climactic battle that will unveil the secrets of the ‘D’ clan and determine the destiny of the world.

In conclusion, Sabo’s role as a witness to Nefertari Cobra’s death and his affiliation with the ‘D’ clan make him a crucial figure in the ongoing conflict between the World Government, Im Sama, and the ‘D’ clan. As the mysteries of the ‘D’ clan are slowly unraveled, readers are left eager to witness the ultimate showdown that will redefine the course of history in the One Piece universe.

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