Unveiling the Power of Poseidon: How Luffy and Shirahoshi Will Change One Piece History
Unveiling the Power of Poseidon: How Luffy and Shirahoshi Will Change One Piece History

Unveiling the Power of Poseidon: How Luffy and Shirahoshi Will Change One Piece History

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In the captivating world of One Piece, a tale of ancient weapons, legendary battles, and hidden agreements unfolds. Amongst the tangled threads of fate, a significant player emerges – the ancient weapon Poseidon. Passed down from generations, this mystical living creature holds the key to Joy Boy’s defeat against the powerful Im Sama. Let’s delve into the depths of this captivating story and witness how Luffy and Shirahoshi’s alliance will reshape history.

The mesmerizing power of Poseidon resides within Shirahoshi, the successor of the first Poseidon. As a mermaid princess, she possesses the enigmatic ability to control the mighty Sea Kings, colossal sea monsters that roam the ocean depths. It is this power that played a vital role in Joy Boy’s ultimate downfall at the hands of Im Sama.

Joy Boy, the valiant warrior of the past, had forged an important agreement with the first Poseidon. Their pact aimed to bring the Noah ship to the surface, providing aid to the oppressed Fish-Men and harnessing the might of the Sea Kings. Unfortunately, Joy Boy’s defeat sealed their fate, shattering their shared dreams and leaving the first Poseidon unable to utilize the colossal might of the Sea Kings to aid him.

However, the tides of destiny shift with the arrival of Luffy, the new Joy Boy. With an unyielding spirit and an unwavering determination, Luffy vows to help Shirahoshi fulfill the ancient agreement and ensure her safety in the treacherous waters. Together, they hold the potential to rewrite history, where Joy Boy once succumbed to the overwhelming might of Im Sama.


Im Sama’s iron grip over the world of One Piece stems from Joy Boy’s past defeat. The victorious Im Sama capitalized on Joy Boy’s failure, gaining dominion over the seas and leaving chaos in their wake. But now, with the emergence of Luffy and Shirahoshi, a glimmer of hope illuminates the horizon. Their unique bond as the new Joy Boy and Poseidon sparks a ray of hope for change and resistance against Im Sama’s tyranny.

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The ancient weapon Poseidon, veiled in mystery and symbolism, plays a pivotal role in unraveling Joy Boy’s tragic downfall. Passed down through generations, it connects Shirahoshi, the present Poseidon, to Joy Boy and his fateful pact. The enigmatic relationship between the first Poseidon, Shirahoshi, and Joy Boy binds their destinies together, weaving a grand tapestry filled with hope and redemption.

Within the ancient poneglyphs, secrets of the past reside. Deep in the chambers of history, a letter of apology penned by Joy Boy himself is preserved. This solemn testament serves as a reminder of past mistakes, fuelling Luffy and Shirahoshi’s determination to honor the ancient agreement and rectify the errors of the past.

United by their shared destiny, Luffy and Shirahoshi embody the essence of the new Joy Boy and Poseidon. Their symbiotic alliance drives them to fulfill the ancient agreement, bridging the gap between past and present, and changing the course of history. Their actions, captured within the pages of One Piece 1087, will undoubtedly ignite a raging fire that challenges the dominion of Im Sama and paves the way for a brighter future.

In conclusion, the ancient weapon Poseidon, entrusted to Shirahoshi as the successor, holds the key to fulfilling an important agreement between Joy Boy and the first Poseidon. Luffy, the new Joy Boy, stands shoulder to shoulder with Shirahoshi, safeguarding her and skillfully wielding the power of Poseidon to combat the tyranny of Im Sama. Together, they possess the potential to shape the course of history, reviving lost dreams, and bringing forth a new era of hope and liberation.

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