Unveiling the Mystery of Wakil Admiral Bogard - One Piece's Strongest Right-Hand Man
Unveiling the Mystery of Wakil Admiral Bogard - One Piece's Strongest Right-Hand Man

Unveiling the Mystery of Wakil Admiral Bogard – One Piece’s Strongest Right-Hand Man

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In the world of One Piece, there are countless characters that captivate audiences with their unique abilities and intriguing backstories. One such character is Wakil Admiral Bogard, who serves as Monkey D. Garp’s right-hand man. While Bogard’s face is always covered by a hat, there is no doubt about the importance of his role in the series.


Bogard made his first appearance in Chapter 92 of the One Piece manga and episode 68 of the series. He immediately caught the attention of fans with his mysterious appearance, sporting a hat and a sword on his left side. As Garp’s trusted companion, Bogard plays a crucial role in ensuring that Garp’s missions are carried out smoothly.

One of the notable events involving Bogard revolves around the escape of Morgan, the father of Helmeppo. The Navy had entrusted the task of securing Morgan to Garp, who was supposed to take him to the Navy Headquarters for trial. However, things took an unexpected turn when Morgan managed to escape while Garp was asleep. To make matters worse, he took Helmeppo hostage and sailed away on a small boat.

Bogard, always swift to take action, instructed the marines to shoot at the small boat in an attempt to apprehend Morgan and rescue Helmeppo. However, it was Koby who intervened, preventing Helmeppo from being shot. In a surprising twist, Bogard swiftly disarmed Koby and silenced him, illustrating the extent of his power and authority within the Navy.

As the events unfolded, Helmeppo made a life-changing decision. He chose to leave his father behind and swim back to the boat, realizing that his father’s actions were unjustifiable. This incident led to both Helmeppo and Koby being placed under the supervision of Vice Admiral Garp, setting the stage for their future growth and development as Navy members.

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In the Egghead Arc, Bogard’s loyalty to Garp was put to the test when he joined the rescue mission to save Koby from the clutches of the notorious Blackbeard. However, it seemed that Bogard, despite being Garp’s right-hand man, remained on the ship and did not actively participate in the battle on the island.

This has sparked speculation among fans regarding Bogard’s hidden strength. Given his position as Garp’s trusted companion, it is believed that Bogard possesses exceptional capabilities that he has yet to fully demonstrate. Many eagerly anticipate the day when Bogard will step forward and showcase his power.

If Bogard is indeed planned to appear in future One Piece episodes, it is highly likely that he will continue to search for opportunities to assist in rescuing Garp. Fans are eagerly waiting for the chance to witness Bogard’s true potential and unravel the mysteries shrouding this enigmatic character.

In conclusion, Wakil Admiral Bogard’s role as Monkey D. Garp’s right-hand man has not only captured the attention of One Piece fans but also ignited their curiosity. With his hidden strength and the potential for future appearances, fans can’t help but speculate on what awaits Bogard in the world of One Piece.

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