Unveiling the Mysteries of Nefertari D. Lily in One Piece
Unveiling the Mysteries of Nefertari D. Lily in One Piece

Unveiling the Mysteries of Nefertari D. Lily in One Piece

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As Eiichiro Oda gradually reveals the mysteries surrounding the Ancient Kingdom, he introduces numerous clues. One of these involves the history of the D. clan in One Piece. In particular, Oda brought back a character from the series who has the initial “D” – Queen Lily, who belonged to the Nefertari family. She became an enemy of the World Government, along with the other 20 kingdoms, during the Void Century. However, after she fled the holy land of Redline, her whereabouts remain unknown.

Raja Cobra explained that Queen Lily was the representative of the Alabasta Kingdom, which was one of the 20 kingdoms that defeated the Ancient Kingdom. Unfortunately, the Nefertari family did not reside in Mariejoa like the other kingdoms, and after Queen Lily’s departure, the family’s whereabouts became unknown. She left a letter for the Alabasta Kingdom, and it became the basis for Raja Cobra’s inquiry into the meaning of the letter “D,” which is also carried by people like Luffy and Garp, a Vice Admiral.

According to the World Government’s Im Sama, Queen Lily’s departure from Mariejoa into the Arabasta Kingdom was considered a mistake and an act of betrayal. It caused the Poneglyphs to scatter throughout the seas. Im Sama accuses Queen Lily, a former Alabasta queen, of being an enemy due to her carrying the initial “D.”

The events in chapters 1084 and 1085 in One Piece revealed only a small portion of the history of the D. Clan, which has existed since the Void Century, 800 years ago. It is possible that there are more individuals with the initial “D” other than Queen Lily.

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As the leader of the World Government, Imu Sama declares that all members of the D. clan are now considered enemies. They are also known as the natural enemies of the Celestial Dragons. The revelations about Nefertari D. Lily bring up many new questions. For example, why did she betray the World Government, and how did it lead to the mistake of scattering the Poneglyphs on several islands?

There are thirty Poneglyphs scattered throughout the One Piece world, four of which are “Road Poneglyphs” that are sought after to reveal the location of Laugh Tale. The remaining nine Poneglyphs are “Rio Poneglyphs” that contain various information about the Void Century. As these square artifacts contain sensitive information, some people were eliminated to prevent the secrets from being uncovered.

In conclusion, the new addition of Nefertari D. Lily to the One Piece series is essential to the story’s progression. It has been a significant part of unveiling many mysteries surrounding the Void Century and the Poneglyphs, and we can expect more revelations in the upcoming chapters.

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