Unveiling the Diverse Cast of Characters in Hunter x Hunter: The 287th Hunter Exam
Unveiling the Diverse Cast of Characters in Hunter x Hunter: The 287th Hunter Exam

Unveiling the Diverse Cast of Characters in Hunter x Hunter: The 287th Hunter Exam

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In the thrilling world of Hunter x Hunter, an engaging anime series, a diverse group of characters embark on a challenging journey to obtain the coveted Hunter license. Each character brings their unique set of skills and motivations to the 287th Hunter exam. Let’s delve into the captivating storylines and discover the top 10 strongest characters in this gripping anime.


Hisoka Morow is a mesmerizing character. Known for his immense strength, he has gained quite a reputation during the Hunter exam. However, what makes him even more intriguing is his eccentric appearance that contrasts with his intimidating presence. In a previous exam, Hisoka failed when he let his dislike for an examiner get the better of him and attacked them.

Another character who makes a memorable impression during the exam is Illumi Zoldyck. Disguised as Gittarackur, he manipulates his brother Killua’s chances of passing the exam. Born into an assassin family, Killua possesses exceptional skills, proving to be immune to Tonpa’s laxative concoction. This young prodigy catches the attention of the audience with his impressive abilities.

Hanzo, a skilled ninja, aspires to be a Hunter to unlock secret scrolls. His exceptional speed assists him in passing the demanding Trick Tower challenge swiftly. He stands out as one of the fastest participants in the exam.

Garetta, a cunning hunter, wields chopsticks as his weapon of choice to paralyze his opponents. During the fourth stage of the exam, he spies on Gon, one of the main characters, adding an element of suspense to the storyline. Speaking of Gon, he possesses a strong sense of smell that enables him to accurately predict an oncoming storm, showcasing his unique abilities.

Further into the exam, we encounter Kurapika, a character with extensive knowledge who seeks revenge against the notorious Genei Ryodan. His determination and intellect shine through as he tackles the challenges of the exam.

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Somi, a monkey trainer, takes advantage of his monkey’s thieving abilities to progress effortlessly in the exam. His reliance on his companion adds a delightful dynamic to the story.

The Amori brothers, known for their exceptional teamwork, unfortunately, fall short in the face of Killua’s individual skill. Killua’s ability to steal one of their pins seals their defeat.

Leorio Paladinight joins the Hunter exam with the goal of becoming a doctor. His healing abilities impress the Navigator, ultimately convincing them of his potential.

Intriguingly, during the 287th Hunter exam, numerous other characters make their mark, contributing to the diverse and enthralling narrative.

The Hunter x Hunter anime offers an immersive experience as viewers witness these fascinating characters navigate their way through the Hunter exam. With its engaging storylines, unique abilities, and stunning artwork, Hunter x Hunter attracts a wide range of anime enthusiasts. If you’re looking for an action-packed series filled with memorable characters, this is the one for you!

So what are you waiting for? Dive into the captivating world of Hunter x Hunter and watch as these characters overcome their obstacles and strive to achieve their dreams. Join them on their thrilling journey through the 287th Hunter exam and be amazed by the immense power and determination displayed by the top 10 strongest characters in this remarkable anime.

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