Unveiling the Dark Side: A Review of Law School Drama and Its Exploration of Flaws in the Legal System
Unveiling the Dark Side: A Review of Law School Drama and Its Exploration of Flaws in the Legal System

Unveiling the Dark Side: A Review of Law School Drama and Its Exploration of Flaws in the Legal System

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Law School (2021) is a gripping drama that delves into real-life legal cases, exposing the flaws in the legal system and the motives behind crimes. The drama focuses on various legal cases inspired by real-life situations, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats as they witness the complex investigations and trials unfold. It received high ratings and positive responses in South Korea, capturing the attention of viewers with its intense plot and compelling characters.


At the center of the drama is Yang Jong Hoon, a law professor accused of murdering his colleague, Seo Byung Ju. As the truth about Professor Seo and the law students at Hankuk University unravels, Jong Hoon must navigate the personal and professional challenges thrown his way. Han Joon Hwi, a promising student, becomes falsely accused of the murder and finds himself trapped in the investigation.

With their futures on the line, Jong Hoon’s students take it upon themselves to uncover the truth behind the murder case. It is revealed that Seo Byung Ju, the victim, was a corrupt prosecutor involved in a hit-and-run case. This revelation leads to the discovery of a larger conspiracy that implicates powerful figures.

Throughout the series, several law students face their own legal difficulties. Plagiarism and sexual harassment cases emerge, exposing the dark side of academia. Jeon Ye Seul becomes entangled in a distressing sexual harassment and violence case linked to a member of the assembly. As her story unfolds, the drama sheds light on the pervasive issue of abuse of power.

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Another subplot follows Se Ji Ho, a student seeking revenge for his father’s death. In his quest for justice, he uncovers the mastermind behind his father’s demise, a revelation that sets off a chain of events with far-reaching implications.

Kang Sol A, another student, embarks on her own journey to uncover the reason behind her twin brother’s disappearance. Her relentless pursuit of the truth uncovers hidden connections and deepens the mystery surrounding the cases.

All roads lead to Jo Hyeong Soo, a member of the assembly and the main culprit behind the interconnected crimes. As the drama unfolds, the flaws in the legal system are exposed, providing a critical examination of its failings. Law School shines a light on various types of crimes and their underlying causes, painting a complex and thought-provoking portrait of the legal world.

In conclusion, Law School is a must-watch drama for legal enthusiasts and fans of gripping storytelling. With its exploration of real-life legal cases and the flaws within the legal system, it offers a captivating and thought-provoking viewing experience. From corruption and conspiracy to plagiarism and sexual harassment, the drama tackles a wide range of issues, each with its own twists and turns. Brace yourself for an intense journey into the dark side of the legal world with Law School.

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