Unveiling the Characters Who Know Takemichi's Secret Power in Tokyo Revengers
Unveiling the Characters Who Know Takemichi's Secret Power in Tokyo Revengers

Unveiling the Characters Who Know Takemichi’s Secret Power in Tokyo Revengers

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Tokyo Revengers is an anime that tells about Takemichi Hanagaki, who possesses a special power to travel through time and change the past to make the present better. In this article, we will unveil the characters who know Takemichi’s secret power.


1. Naoto Tachibana

Naoto is Takemichi’s long-time friend and the first person who finds out about Takemichi’s time-traveling ability. He is also the one who initiates Takemichi’s mission to save his former girlfriend, Hina Tachibana, from dying in the future. Naoto helps Takemichi in his mission by providing him support and assistance whenever Takemichi needs it.

2. Atsushi “Akkun” Shendo

Akkun is one of Takemichi’s closest friends when he was still in junior high school. He was shocked when he learned about Takemichi’s time-traveling ability after Takemichi came back from the past and visited him. Atsushi is also the one who pushed Takemichi off the train station platform in the past because he wanted to change the future.

3. Chifuyu Matsuno

Chifuyu is Takemichi’s trusted partner in the Tokyo Manji gang. She is the first member of the gang who knows about Takemichi’s unique ability. Takemichi reveals his secret power to Chifuyu in episode 3 of the anime’s second season to prevent her from being killed in the future.

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4. Hinata Tachibana

Hinata found out about Takemichi’s time-traveling ability during an emotional moment when Takemichi was on the verge of giving up. After hearing Takemichi’s struggles, Hinata becomes Takemichi’s source of strength and support, helping him save everyone he cares about.

5. Manjiro “Mikey” Sano

Mikey accidentally overhears Hina talking about Takemichi’s special talent, which prompts him to understand why Takemichi is different from other junior high school students. He then decides to disband the Tokyo Manji gang to allow everyone to pursue their dreams.

6. Ken “Draken” Ryuguji

Draken is one of Takemichi’s trusted allies who helps him in their mission to prevent the tragic future from happening. He understands the significance of Takemichi’s time-traveling power and works with him to save everyone they care for.

In conclusion, Takemichi may have a unique power, but his friends’ support and trust are equally important in his mission to change the past and save the future. These characters prove to be essential to the anime’s central theme and Takemichi’s character development.

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