Unveiling Roronoa Zoro's Weakness: The Journey to Surpass Mihawk
Unveiling Roronoa Zoro's Weakness: The Journey to Surpass Mihawk

Unveiling Roronoa Zoro’s Weakness: The Journey to Surpass Mihawk

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Roronoa Zoro, the second in command of the Straw Hat Pirates, is renowned for his dominance in sword fighting. However, even the greatest warriors have their flaws. In the latest episode of One Piece, chapter 1089, Eiichiro Oda finally reveals Zoro’s fatal weakness.

Zoro’s strength with a blade is unmatched, but his ambition to surpass the legendary swordsman, Mihawk, can make him vulnerable in battles. This vulnerability is analyzed and exposed by a mysterious character known as S-Hawk.

S-Hawk acts as a representation of Zoro’s past opponents, with Mihawk being the most prominently depicted. Zoro’s desire to surpass Mihawk fuels his growth and development, but it also leaves him open to exploitation. S-Hawk serves as a constant reminder of the challenges Zoro has faced and the ones he still needs to overcome.

Aside from Mihawk, S-Hawk also represents other formidable adversaries like Daz Bonez and King. Each encounter with these opponents symbolizes Zoro’s growth and struggle to handle powerful enemies alone. It is through these battles that he continues to mold himself into a stronger swordsman.


The ongoing battle between S-Hawk and Zoro in One Piece showcases the historical rivalry and represents the cumulative growth of Zoro throughout the series. Their clash portrays Zoro’s determination and highlights his relentless pursuit to surpass Mihawk.

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S-Hawk possesses a similar fighting style and powers as Mihawk, making him the ultimate challenge for Zoro. It is hinted that Mihawk might be Zoro’s ultimate opponent, and the ongoing battle with S-Hawk signifies the impending clash between Zoro and Mihawk.

Zoro’s recent victory over Pacifista is a testament to his progress in surpassing Mihawk. This achievement demonstrates Zoro’s growth and development as he inches closer to his ultimate goal. However, it also symbolizes the beginning of a more strenuous journey that awaits him.

In conclusion, Roronoa Zoro, despite his dominance in sword fighting, has noticeable weaknesses that can be exploited. His ambition to surpass Mihawk not only makes him vulnerable but also serves as the driving force behind his growth. The ongoing battle with S-Hawk in One Piece represents Zoro’s cumulative development, showcasing his determination and his unyielding pursuit to surpass Mihawk. As the story unravels, it becomes evident that Zoro’s ultimate opponent may very well be the formidable Mihawk himself.

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