Unveiling Im Sama's True Power in One Piece 1087: The Mythical Zoan Fruit
Unveiling Im Sama's True Power in One Piece 1087: The Mythical Zoan Fruit

Unveiling Im Sama’s True Power in One Piece 1087: The Mythical Zoan Fruit

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When it comes to the latest chapter of One Piece, the long-running and beloved manga series, fans were treated to a shocking revelation about the true power of Im Sama. In One Piece 1087, it was unveiled that Im Sama possesses a mythical Zoan devil fruit ability, which has been a topic of speculation and anticipation among readers.

Im Sama’s mythical Zoan fruit is of the NYX type, drawing inspiration from Greek mythology. NYX is the goddess of the night, associated with darkness and fear. This power theme contrasts with Joy Boy, another significant character in One Piece, who possesses the Nika mythical Zoan fruit representing the sun and happiness.

The significance of Im Sama’s power lies in the contrast it presents to Joy Boy and the Gorosei, high-ranking officials in the One Piece world who also possess Zoan devil fruit abilities. Im Sama’s power level surpasses that of the Gorosei, showcasing their status as the anti-Joy Boy. It becomes clear that Im Sama’s fruit type represents darkness and fear, whereas Nika’s represents light and happiness.

The true extent of Im Sama’s powers is revealed in the events surrounding the assassination of King Cobra, the ruler of Alabasta. Hints within the story, such as the presence of a mysterious black arrow-like object, connect Im Sama’s dark powers to this heinous act. It becomes evident that Im Sama’s ability to control aspects of the night, including dreams, darkness, fear, and absence, played a significant role in orchestrating King Cobra’s assassination.

Im Sama’s power transcends mere immortality. It is acquired through the mythical Zoan fruit of NYX, one of the oldest deities in Greek mythology. This adds a layer of historical and mythological significance to Im Sama’s character, further enriching the world-building by Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, who often draws inspiration from various mythologies.

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The foreshadowing of Im Sama’s power can be seen through the portrayal of the Gorosei, who resemble Greek mythological monsters. This visual cue hints at the extent of Im Sama’s mythical Zoan powers and the darkness they possess.

Im Sama’s powers were ultimately utilized to carry out the assassination of King Cobra, a pivotal event in the One Piece storyline. This action solidifies Im Sama’s role as a formidable antagonist and sets the stage for future conflicts between Im Sama, Joy Boy, and other key players in the series.

In conclusion, the latest chapter of One Piece, 1087, sheds light on the true power of Im Sama’s mythical Zoan fruit ability. Im Sama’s fruit type representing darkness and fear is showcased as a contrast to Joy Boy’s sun and happiness. Beyond just immortality, Im Sama’s powers connect to the assassination of King Cobra and control various aspects of the night. As the plot unfolds, readers can expect further exploration of Im Sama’s powers and their impact on the One Piece world.

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