Unlocking Boruto's Time-Stopping Ability: Exploring the Link to Obito's Dimensional Powers
Unlocking Boruto's Time-Stopping Ability: Exploring the Link to Obito's Dimensional Powers

Unlocking Boruto’s Time-Stopping Ability: Exploring the Link to Obito’s Dimensional Powers

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When it comes to Boruto’s abilities, there is one particular power that has caught the attention of fans worldwide – his potential to control time. In the manga Two Blue Vortex, Boruto astounds readers by stopping time during his face-off against Code. This unexpected turn of events has sparked theories and discussions surrounding Boruto’s newfound ability. Many believe that his time-stopping power may not be a result of chakra manipulation but rather a dimension-related power, drawing parallels to the abilities showcased by characters like Obito.

One of the biggest pieces of evidence supporting Boruto’s potential time-stopping ability comes from an encounter with Momoshiki after his death. During this interaction, Momoshiki talks to Boruto and implies that he possesses the power to manipulate time. This revelation has led fans to speculate that Boruto’s time-stopping ability may be linked to a spiritual dimension or a power inherited from his lineage.

To better understand Boruto’s potential time manipulation, we can look to the abilities demonstrated by Obito. Obito, known for his mastery of the Sharingan, possessed the ability to access different dimensions through his technique called Kamui. With Kamui, Obito could make parts of his body intangible and teleport himself to the dimension. This unique power allowed Obito to strategically move parts of his body to gain the upper hand in combat.

However, Obito’s intangibility came with its limitations. He could only maintain it for a limited time of five minutes before his body became tangible again. The connection between Obito’s Shinobi body and Kamui was facilitated by his Mangekyou Sharingan, a coveted Dojutsu. This link between his eyes and the dimensional powers he possessed was crucial for his ability to manipulate dimensions effectively.

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Considering the similarities between Obito’s dimensional powers and Boruto’s potential time-stopping ability, it is plausible to draw inspiration from Obito’s techniques. By understanding Obito’s abilities, we can gain insights into the nature of Boruto’s powers and their implications for the future development of the story.

Boruto’s time-stopping ability adds an intriguing dimension to the manga’s narrative. Fans are eager to see the extent of Boruto’s mastery over time manipulation and how it will shape his abilities in future battles. Speculations suggest that further exploration of Boruto’s time-stopping ability may reveal its limits and drawbacks, shedding light on its potential as a game-changer in crucial moments.

In conclusion, Boruto’s ability to control time in the Two Blue Vortex manga has captivated fans around the world. Drawing parallels to Obito’s dimensional powers, Boruto’s time-stopping ability opens up a world of possibilities for character development and plot twists. As the story unfolds, readers will be eagerly awaiting the moment when Boruto’s mastery over time manipulation reaches its peak, forever altering the course of the manga’s narrative.

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