Unleashing the Power of the Tenseigan: A Closer Look at Naruto's Reincarnation Eye
Unleashing the Power of the Tenseigan: A Closer Look at Naruto's Reincarnation Eye

Unleashing the Power of the Tenseigan: A Closer Look at Naruto’s Reincarnation Eye

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The Tenseigan, also known as the reincarnation eye, is a powerful eye technique that made its appearance in the Naruto movie titled The Last Naruto Movie. This unique eye technique is a combination of the Byakugan and the Otsutsuki clan’s chakra, and its most distinctive feature is its striking blue-colored pupil.

The origin of the Tenseigan can be traced back to Hamura Otsutsuki, the son of Kaguya and brother of Hagoromo. Hamura was the first known user of the Tenseigan, which is said to be similar to the Rinnegan in terms of its power and abilities.

The awakening of the Tenseigan is not an easy process. In fact, it involves a painful procedure that takes several days to complete. Toneri, a character in the movie, managed to awaken the Tenseigan through this arduous process.

Once awakened, the Tenseigan grants its user a set of incredible powers. These include attractive and repulsive abilities, which allow the user to manipulate the movement of objects and people around them. Additionally, the Tenseigan enhances the user’s physical abilities, making them stronger and faster than before.


One notable power of the Tenseigan is the user’s ability to create golems. These golems are massive creatures that possess incredible strength and can be controlled by the user. They can travel far on Earth and are even capable of fighting against powerful entities like the Kyuubi.

Toneri, in particular, was able to demonstrate the true extent of the Tenseigan’s power. He showcased his ability to create silver hurricanes, powerful storms that ravaged the surroundings, as well as golden blades that were strong enough to split the moon into two.

However, Toneri’s actions were in stark contrast to the desires of Hamura, the original user of the Tenseigan. Hamura longed for the stability of the moon and wished to live peacefully away from humans. Toneri, on the other hand, had sinister motives for awakening the Tenseigan. His goal was to use its immense power to destroy the Earth.

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To further enhance the Tenseigan’s capabilities, it can be implanted with the Byakugan of the Hyuga clan, a powerful eye technique possessed by members of the clan. Toneri, after kidnapping Hanabi, sought to obtain her pure Byakugan to aid him in his mission to destroy the Earth.

Interestingly, Hamura played a significant role in the creation of an energy vessel on the moon. This vessel was designed to sustain the life of the Otsutsuki clan. However, its power also had the potential to benefit humans living on Earth.

It is worth noting that users of the Tenseigan experience temporary halts in the transformation process when they rest. This gives them a chance to recover and gather their strength before continuing the transformation.

The Tenseigan brings about several enhancements to its user. These include enhanced speed, reflexes, and stamina, making the user a formidable force on the battlefield.

In conclusion, the Tenseigan is a powerful eye technique that combines the powers of the Byakugan and Otsutsuki chakra. It grants attractive and repulsive abilities, increases physical abilities, and allows for the creation of golems. However, Toneri’s actions contrast with the desires of the original user, Hamura, who sought peace and separation between the Otsutsuki and humans. The Tenseigan’s true potential lies in its ability to bring balance and harmony, rather than destruction.

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