Unleashing the Power of Rasengan Uzuhiko: Boruto's Deadly Jutsu Revealed
Unleashing the Power of Rasengan Uzuhiko: Boruto's Deadly Jutsu Revealed

Unleashing the Power of Rasengan Uzuhiko: Boruto’s Deadly Jutsu Revealed

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In the thrilling pages of Boruto Two Blue Vortex 3, a new jutsu takes the spotlight and leaves readers in awe. Known as Rasengan Uzuhiko, this deadly technique is introduced by the confident and skilled Boruto Uzumaki. Let’s delve into the details of this incredible jutsu and the impact it has on the story.


Rasengan Uzuhiko is a fusion of the Rasengan technique and the rotational element of the planet. It combines the raw power of the Rasengan with the immense force generated by the rotation of the Earth. The result is a jutsu that can cause permanent damage and leave the target in awe of its power. Once the jutsu attaches itself to the target’s body, it remains stuck until the planet stops rotating or until the user chooses to dispel it.

In a critical moment, Boruto decides to put his newly acquired jutsu to the test against an opponent. With unwavering confidence, he unleashes Rasengan Uzuhiko, warning his adversary of its lethal potential. The jutsu swiftly attaches itself to the opponent, leaving him bewildered and inquiring about its nature.

Boruto proceeds to reveal the jutsu’s name, Rasengan Uzuhiko, which astonishes his opponent. The sheer power and connection to the planet’s rotation make this jutsu incredibly formidable. The opponent soon realizes the irreversible damage inflicted upon him and the severity of the situation.

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Intent on extracting vital information, Boruto gives his opponent a choice: reveal the location of Ten Tails or face certain death. The pressure intensifies as the opponent attempts to launch an attack on Boruto, but he is quickly thwarted. Friends of Boruto arrive, elevating the tension even further.

However, the opponent, known as Code, possesses a special ability that allows him to escape, resulting in an escalating situation. Undeterred, Boruto and his allies devise a plan to pursue Code and eliminate him, making sure that justice is served.

In summary, Rasengan Uzuhiko is a breathtaking jutsu that taps into the rotational power of the planet. Its ability to inflict permanent damage and force opponents to reveal critical information makes it a formidable weapon in Boruto’s arsenal. As the story unfolds, readers can anticipate thrilling battles and intense confrontations as Boruto and his allies seek to fulfill their mission.

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